Round & Turntable Stages

What you need to know before renting

At In Depth Events, we are the staging experts.  You’ll find our talented technicians and carpenters working custom round stage rental of all kinds and sizes, including colored stageslit stages and even stages over swimming pools!

Round stage rental and turntable rental are in a class all by themselves.  You’ll find round and half-round stages as standalone structures or as a part of a normal stage build for corporate events, wedding receptions and product display.  Turntables are used in theatrical presentations, as well as product display for automotive applications and trade shows.  Whatever the application, the staging professionals at In Depth Events can provide the solution for your needs!

Round vs Turntable, What's the difference?

Can you see the seam between the turntable and the facade? This allowed for the stage to rotate and reveal a second band.

People will sometimes call a round stage a turntable stage and vice versa.  While they are both round, there are very specific differences in nomenclature as well as type of build.

Round Stages can also be called “static rounds”.  A round stage DOES NOT have a motor allowing it to rotate.  It is a fixed stage.  Round stages can be incorporated into a normal stage build with relative ease (as an example, for a rounded front).  Round stage rental require custom built step units that are cut to match the radius of the stage.  Round stages are typically measured and discussed by diameter.  A 12 foot round stage is a very common size, but they can also come in 20 foot, 40 foot or even 60 foot diameters.

A turntable stage DOES have a motor that allows it to turn.  This motor can be fixed speed or variable speed.  The motor is either controlled by a manual switch or can be outfitted with a DMX relay for remote control.  Turntables, like round stages, are also measured in diameter.  12 foot is common as well as 20 foot diameter turntable rentals.  Turntables can be built flush with a fixed stage surface, but this is an expensive option. Typically, they are placed on an existing stage or in a hotel ballroom as product display.

Still have questions?  Ask Us a Question of our experts to find out more about round stage rentals or turntable stage rentals!