Video Equipment Rentals

Video and today's live events

Ready to bring high-quality video to your event? Whether you are looking to live stream a concert, record corporate training, or even a fashion show- having the right production team makes all the difference. Video is just one of the tools in our gig bag! It's no secret that the live video market is changing every day – so make sure you choose a production vendor who understands this rapidly evolving technology!

At In Depth Events, we have decades of experience in lighting, audio, and staging. Whether you are an expert or have some general knowledge- our professional video technicians can handle everything, managing all operations, and set up, so things go smoothly. We have everything you need for high-quality video production and streaming, with a massive variety of video equipment rentals. We provide fast-fold screens, projectors, television rentals, HDMI switchers, cameras, fluid head tripods, Steadicams, video jibs, and more.

Using large format LED walls for festivals and concerts


LED Video Wall Enhancing the Show!

LED Video Wall Enhancing the Show!

For our clients requiring large scale services, such as our load bearing rooftops, we can also provide large format LED video walls.  With an outdoor concert, the audience has to be able to see the act – even from far away.  What better way than by using two LED Video walls hung from the flybays on stage left and right?  You’ll need to hire a switcher, cameras, and operators – all well within the capabilities of the production crews at In Depth Events.  Make sure to use an LED video wall backdrop for visuals and sponsor logo rolls.  Of course, one of the newest options is using a teaser LED video screen across the front of the stage for social media posting in real time.  Whatever the requirements for your festival or concert, the experts at In Depth Events can provide the large format LED video wall you need.

Indoor festivals and concerts use a ground supported lighting grid to support lighting, audio and video walls.  These types of events can experiment more with original and unusual video wall layouts and sizes.  While these types of layouts may not work well for IMAG, they are amazing for fractals and other visualizations, especially for EDM and Hip Hop events.  Without common outdoor concerns of wind and rain, indoor rental LED video walls can achieve some truly outstanding effects.  These types of rental LED video wall configurations, used with intelligent lighting fixtures, continue to blur the line between video and lighting effects.

Interested in learning more about our video services? Please Ask us a question about your video needs.  We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!