LED Lighting

The Next Generation of Event Lighting

At In Depth Events, we’ve been pioneers of the LED lighting rental movement for live events.  We began five years ago with our signature LED Dance Floors. Since then, we have amassed an inventory of LED lighting fixtures for all sorts of lighting applications including LED moving lights, LED PARs, LED panels and LED video projection solutions.

Our clients use our LED lighting rental services for a wide variety of live events.  Concerts and festivals benefit from our LED moving light rentals because strobe times with LED fixtures are significantly faster than conventional moving lights.  Our party lighting department uses LED pars and panels for corporate events and wedding receptions because they provide a flexible, saturated lighting look.  Our video clients enjoy LED LitePanels for true color without the heat of a standard HMI fixture.  And, of course, our Glow Party and Blacklight clients benefit from LED UV panels and cans to make everything GLOW!

In addition, our clients enjoy a dramatic decrease in power costs because LED lighting rental fixtures use significantly less power than conventional fixtures.  They also operate at much cooler temperatures than conventional lighting and, as a result, require significantly less maintenance (which our installation clients love, too!).

Ask a Question of the LED lighting rental experts at In Depth Events.  Our friendly, knowledgeable sales staff will be happy to help provide you with the latest in LED lighting technology and our knowledgeable technicians will make your live event a smashing success!