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The Right Concert Lighting Makes the Event

Lighting rentals can make or break your event or any event. Whether it's a corporate meeting, a live concert or a private party, the lighting rental vendor you choose significantly impacts the music, the message and the mood of your guests.

However, most people don't know the power of lighting and how it can affect the mood of your guests or attendees. Furthermore, most people don't know the different types of lighting that are available to plan your perfect setting.  You need an expert to help you with the most current lighting rentals available to plan the perfect look for your attendees!

Enter In Depth Events - stage left! We own the newest LED lighting fixtures in both PAR and intelligent lighting rental as well as the more common conventional lights. Additionally, we also own a variety of trussing and support structures as well as a large inventory of theatrical blacklight rental lighting fixtures!  Whether it's a standard wash, images projected on walls and ceilings for mood wash or a full rental concert lighting rig - we've done it all and have the experience and the know-how to make your event successful.

"Tell me about the newest technologies available"

Image of Intelligent LED Event Lighting

Example of Intelligent LED Event Lighting

Lighting has changed dramatically in the last few years alone. The advent of LED technologies has changed the entire face of the industry. Now, LED's are incorporated into moving head fixtures, PARs, and even ellipsoidal fixtures.  Our rental LED lighting operates at far cooler temperatures than normal conventional lighting rentals, uses far less power and offers a much more saturated lighting look than conventional fixtures.

In Depth Events is a turn-key production vendor, which means that in addition to lighting, we can also offer audio rentals, stage and roof systems and video production services for your upcoming live event rentals.  Ask Us a Question and find out why people from coast to coast use In Depth Events!