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"Out of the box" Solutions for our clients

When you’ve done events as long as our co-founders Robert Chapman and Matt Spencer have, you get some pretty unusual requests from time to time. In Depth Events provides ‘out of the box’ specialty production solutions for our clients that need more than just standard live event production. Some of these requests turn into some really fun one-off events, such as the time we built a pool cover on a cruise ship, or the time we built a load-bearing ramp into a baseball stadium.

However, some of these calls bring to light a service that becomes a long term investment for us. Sometimes, it’s a service that isn’t being properly addressed by the industry, such as our investment into swimming pool covers. Sometimes it’s a client that is so specific there simply isn’t a vendor for the service, such as our talent management work at Love Field Airport.

These “Specialty Production Services” allow us to provide a level of service that other live event production companies can’t, or won’t. Look below to see a list of total solutions that we offer our clients. You’ll be surprised and pleased with the level of experience and professionalism that Matt and Robert bring to the table. Ready to move forward with your production needs?  Ask us a question and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours!

Permanent Staging Installations

Our talented design and engineering staff take the initial concept and develop it into a unique design that our clients love. One of the secrets to our success has been our in-house carpentry and metals shop. We use our talented staff to provide custom stages and flush mount pool covers for our live event clients, but they’re also important in creating custom work for our permanent installations of our LED Dance Floors, indoor stages, and outdoor concert structures as well.

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Event Management Services

In Depth Events handles event conception to cleanup at the end of the event – and everything in between. In addition, by adding social media strategies to the list of services we offer our clients.For our concert and festival clients, we help with permitting, vendor registration, event layout, and banner creation. A sporting event may need assistance with crowd flow planning, seating risers, and entry and exit gantries. A private event may need help with talent acquisition or catering.

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Talent Management Services

One of our specialty services for our clients is talent management for their event. As a live events production vendor, being able to help with talent needs is just one of the additional services we can provide to our clients and their events. It’s this level of service that allows us to be a true ‘one stop shop’ for our clients booking Holiday events, corporate events, and private parties.

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Swimming Pool Covers

Swimming Pool Covers allow you to maximize the area you entertain in by creating a safe and beautiful platform for guests over your existing swimming pool. By covering a swimming pool with acrylic or utility staging, you expand your usable area for your event while providing a unique and fun look for your guests. Options include utility, clear acrylic, frosted acrylic, and flush mount.

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