Concert Lighting

Providing Rentals All Over The Nation

At In Depth Events, we’ve provided concert lighting rentals for thousands of events, all over the nation.  Our clients come to In Depth Events because of our extensive knowledge and diverse inventory. They stay with us because of our professional staff and willingness to do almost anything to make sure your concert lighting rental is top-notch.

As most promoters know, concert lighting rental isn’t just plugging in a few lighting fixtures.  It requires a lighting professional – skilled in the use of DMX, power and rigging – as well as an extensive knowledge of the lighting technologies and consoles available today.  Being able to troubleshoot the rig is important, but the safety of the gear, crew and attendees is the primary consideration.  At In Depth Events, not only do our concert lighting rental rigs look incredible, they are also rider specific and rigged properly by our safety-conscious, knowledgeable technicians.

Providing the whole package

Image of Chuck Norris EDM Party

Outdoor music festivals such as State Fairs, live music events and EDM festival rentals require a very diverse inventory as each act may need their own rider fulfilled.  Combined with our load-bearing rooftop systems and audio rentals, our lighting department can fulfill with ease the most demanding of requirements, set change times and complicated production schedules.  We keep your stress level at a minimum by making sure our technicians come well-prepared for show day with moving head fixtures, conventional lighting, LED lighting and the most recent technologies combining lighting and video projection.

In addition to concert lighting rentals, our diverse inventory includes special effects rentals, black light rentals, and a host of other event services for indoor and outdoor, large-format events.  Ask a Question of the concert lighting rental professionals at In Depth Events. We look forward to hearing from you, and working with you!