Audio Rentals

What Does “PA” Stand for, Anyway?

MAP-24 Mobile Stage

At In Depth Events, audio rental is our first love. Nothing is better than a well tuned sound system making a band or a DJ sound great, or helping a presenter get a message to your audience. Note that we didn’t say ‘loud’, because it’s not about how loud it is, it’s about how good it sounds.

We have a full selection of consoles, outboard gear and all kinds of different microphones for every sort of instrument you will have playing at your event. We also have mics for all vocal styles and even choir, orchestra, or brass band mic set ups at our disposal for your use. Whether for a crowd of 50 or 500,000 people – we’ve done it and we are happy to offer our experience and expertise to you. (Incidentally, that’s not a typo – we have amplified half a million people at a single event. Check it out here.)

The right audio system rental for the job

Choosing the right rental sound system for your corporate event, festival, or concert can be tricky. For concert events, the first item of business is to review the band rider (or riders, if you are hosting a festival).  A band rider will tell the production company what the audio requirements of the band are.  It will list console selection, backline needs, as well as IEM and monitor requirements.  It’s important to make sure the needs of the band or DJ are met!

For corporate events, audio system selection can be more difficult.  The system should fill the room properly, but be installed in such a way as to be less visible than other production elements. Wireless microphones, podium mics and communications systems are more important at these types of events than huge arrays and booming subwoofers!

No matter what your event is, you need the right experts for the job.  Luckily – you found us!  Please feel free to Ask Us a Question and find out how we can help make your next event successful.

By the way – “PA” stands for Public Address. Now you know!