Load Bearing Roof Systems

Load Bearing Rooftop Structures for Concerts and Festivals

Image of Load-Bearing Rooftop

Load-Bearing Rooftops Support the Weight of Lighting, Video and Sound Equipment

At In Depth Events, we own a variety of sizes of load bearing rooftop structures available for rental for large concerts and festivals.  As part of a rental stage and roof system, a load bearing truss rooftop is designed to hold a significant amount of weight including audio system and line array rentals, concert lighting systems, rental LED video walls and promotional banners and signage.  In addition to the structures themselves, we provide the site operators and stagehands to build and strike the structure as well as the riggers to hang production equipment.

Our rental stage and rooftop systems serve a very important purpose in live events.  These structures can go where mobile stages can’t – such as show areas with significant grades, or, areas with sensitive turf such as parks, football fields, and baseball fields.  Concert stage and roof systems also provide far more configuration options than mobiles stages do.

In Depth Events owns and maintains it’s entire load bearing concert roof structure inventory.  See below for available concert structure sizes:

32’x24′ Stage and Roof System
40’x32′ Stage and Roof System
40’x40′ Stage and Roof System
60’x40′ Stage and Roof System
70’x50′ Stage and Roof System

Rental Stage and Rooftop Systems – and Safety!

You can’t talk about concert truss structures without talking about safety.  In Depth Events has an unmatched safety record when it comes to rigging, guying and ballasting our rental stage and rooftop systems.  We maintain on-site operators throughout the course of your show to monitor weather conditions and load safety.  These talented professionals will stop at nothing to maintain a safe environment for your talent, attendees and crew.

Ask Us a Question to find out more about our concert roof system rentals.  Our friendly event professionals can help you with your needs anywhere in the United States.  We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!