Virtual Event Planning and Rentals



Filming a pre-recorded video for a library

Going virtual


It's no secret that 2020 has changed the event landscape immensely. With new social distancing practices in place and many states shut down, it's hard to know what options you have. Luckily, In Depth Events has years of experience with video, audio, hybrid meetings, and virtual events. Our experts can help you with everything from planning, to equipment rentals, and even show you how to monetize your virtual events. While things might seem up in the air, it's smart to get a head start.


The show must go on


You might be wondering where all these changes leave your event. Even if you can't host your event in person, that doesn't mean you have to cancel it altogether. It all comes down to what type of event you have planned and what you need to succeed. Our team is very experienced in pre-recording classes, videos, and more to help our clients make an impact without in-person contact. We can set up stages, lighting, audio, and even produce a video for your event. So with all of that being said, you might be wondering if your event can move virtually and still be successful.


What types of events can be virtual?


Most events can move to a virtual model if you get creative! All it takes is the right team (that's us) and some ingenuity. We have all of the equipment and experience to help you make your virtual event a success. Here are just some of the events we have seen move virtual;

• Weddings
• Non-profit auctions
• Business conferences
• High School sports and events
• Graduation ceremonies
• Concerts

You have many options at your disposal, so don't feel locked in. You can have a hybrid event or a 100% virtual event. With a hybrid event, you might have a wedding with just the bride, groom, parents, best man, and maid of honor. You could very easily stream the wedding to family members and friends. Or you could host a completely virtual event like a concert and make money while you do it.


How do you monetize your event?


There are several ways you can monetize a virtual event. Charging users or attendees for your live stream will require a platform to stream on and a way to capture payment information. You can sell tickets or just charge "at the door." We suggest running a strong marketing campaign to promote your event and always ensure that you have the proper equipment to pull it all off. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed, don't worry! Our experts have years of experience in the event industry, and we can help you rock your virtual event (and make some money too). When charging for a virtual event, you still want to create an atmosphere for your virtual attendees. Therefore, our team can handle staging, audio, video recording, and even pre-recording your concert.


What do you need for a virtual event?


What you need for a virtual event depends on the type of event you are hosting. The basics are:
• High-quality audio
• Video capabilities
• Streaming platform
• High-quality internet

These are just the basics. However, if you are hosting a hybrid event, you might need staging, lighting, and help with video streaming. Even if you are hosting a virtual concert, it's best to have a stage set up, and the proper equipment to make sure things go to plan, and your attendees are happy. Virtual doesn't mean lower quality by any means. The good news is that's kind of our specialty and whatever your needs might be- we are well equipped to help you. So while you need audio and streaming platforms, you might also need:

Stage set-up
Sound systems 

It might seem like a lot, but we stick around to handle all the tech stuff, so you can just focus on having a good time and a successful event.


Let us help you

Ready to host your virtual event or just getting information? Either way, please ask us a question or two. We are more than happy to walk you through everything and find the best options for your event.