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Image for Truss and Ballast

Event Outdoor Signage and Structures for Sporting Events and Festivals – An Event Planners Guide

For large scale events like sporting events, large festivals and Municipal events, signage becomes a serious issue.  If your event spans an area over several acres, how to you point people to the main stage, restrooms or the emergency services area?  No less critical is the branding of the event and the branding of your vendor areas.  At In Depth Events, we are experts at event outdoor signage using a variety of media.  Read on for more information!

Live Events – Structure and Banner Solutions from In Depth Events

At In Depth Events, we are experts at event outdoor signage solutions.  We’ve used structures with vinyl banners as well as structures with large scale video walls.  Our technicians and engineers work hard to make sure these structures are safe, look great and fulfill the needs that put them there in the first place – to inform your attendees about a specific direction, scheduled event or vendor message.

Here are the four types of structures that you can easily use at your next festival, sporting event, or marketing event:

Inverted “U”:

Image of Inverted "U" event outdoor signage

An inverted “U” is a mini-beam truss structure.  It’s a great…

Image of Flush Mounted Pool Cover

Flush Mount Acrylic Pool Covers – An Event Planners Guide

Maximize your event space and create a unique swimming pool cover look

At In Depth Events, we are always looking for innovative ways to really amplify the impact and create unforgettable memories for your event. We’ve recently developed a new swimming pool cover mounting technology that can transform any pool into a elegant dance floor or walkway that is completely flush with the deck surface. It’s almost as if your floating on water.

You will always have the normal pool cover options available: Standard rental staging surface / Frosted pool cover surface / Clear pool cover surface… which are all great options to maximize your event.  You can learn more about the standard options for rental swimming pool covers here.

With the new flush mount swimming pool cover, we’re providing an enhanced option with more “WOW factor”. You can see in the image above the stunning ambiance created by a flush mount pool cover rental.  This particular project was for a private event held in the Dallas area.  After the party, the event coordinator stated the party was flawless and her client was extremely pleased.

Benefits of Using a Flush Mount Pool Cover

We’ve covered the sexy details about the flush mount pool cover, but there…

Confetti Blower at a Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Stage Rentals – An Event Planners Guide

Commencement and Graduation Stage Rentals – Identifying Specific Needs

Graduation Stage Rentals and Choral RiserWhether it’s for a community college, a high school, a four year university or even a vocational school, commencements are an important transition for students, instructors and attendees. Identifying specific needs for your graduation stage rentals is the first step in making sure the graduation ceremonies go smoothly for everyone.

There are several questions to ask that will determine stage size and height. How many people will be on stage? Is the event outdoors or indoors? Will you require seating risers on the rear of the stage for professors and administrators? How many graduates will you have? Additionally, you need to consider the venue. For example, many high schools will use the football stadium on campus for commencement. A stage that would look huge in a small room may look tiny in this environment. Is there a game the night before or the night of? Has anyone else reserved the stadium? How will vendors get staging and chairs onto the field?



Graduation stage rentals, the ADA and vendor selection

Graduation Stage Rentals With ADA Ramp

Image of Glow Party Events with DJ

Glow Parties, Neon Parties and Black Light Parties – An Event Planners Guide

At In Depth Events, we provide large scale glow party events for corporate clients, outdoor glow runs, college events and other large events with high numbers of attendees.  We work with event planners and organizers from all over the country to provide events for thousands of people.  This blog post is designed for this level of event.

If, however, you are putting on a glow party for a sweet sixteen birthday party, your personal Halloween party or a backyard party for your favorite 50 people – we respectfully suggest you go to Cool Glow and order for your specific needs.  They have an amazing selection of glow stuff for smaller, private events.

So, what is a Glow Party, anyway?

Glow Parties, Neon Parties and Black Light Parties can be indoor black tie corporate parties or they can be nighttime outdoor festivals. But the main thing that unites them all is FUN!  Whether it’s an outdoor fun run, a Neon New Year’s party or a college party, Glow Parties are a great way to have a memorable, exciting event.  There are three different types of products that are used for all Glow Parties:

1 – UV lighting.  Black Light lighting rentals, also called Ultra…

Image of Holiday Concert Production Rental

Selecting the Best Production Vendor for your Holiday Concert – An Event Planners Guide

There are plenty of blog posts you can find that will talk about china selection at a small, private, home-based Holiday gathering.  You’ll find page after page talking about how to make your own centerpieces.  I’m sure there are entire databases dedicated to the perfect napkin ring complement to your curtains and how they match your Holiday scarf.  This is NOT that type of blog.

We are NOT talking about Holiday Decor here – we need Concert Production Services!

Large, ambitious Holiday events with thousands of attendees need live holiday concert event production services and rentals to get the party off the ground.  Maybe you are a casino doing a Neon New Years event, or possibly a municipality having a Christmas Tree lighting festival.  You could be organizing a Holiday themed 5K run, a corporate Christmas Party or a college Holiday party. Whatever your Holiday responsibilities, you are going to have to find a vendor to provide staging rentals, professional audio rentals and concert lighting rentals – quick!  Depending on the party, you might also need Christmas lighting rentals, special effects such as confetti or lasers or even an LED Dance Floor!  Whether you have a 20 piece swing band, a rock and roll…

Image of LED Dance Floor

LED Dance Floor Rentals – An Event Planners Guide

LED Dance Floors are an amazing centerpiece for all types of events. Corporate parties, wedding receptions, college events and fashion events have all rented our LED Dance Floors to highlight their events.   A rental LED Dance Floor can also be used as the centerpiece for a theme party such as a 70’s or 80’s party, a disco party or even at one of our famous glow parties.  

Whether you call them LED Dance Floors, lit dance floors or disco dance floors, the end result is the same – a dynamic display of colors that makes the dance floor – and your attendees – come alive!    

Disco Concert Using an LED Dance Floor


What types of LED Dance Floors are available in the event rental market today?

The staff at In Depth Events helped pioneer the Rental LED Dance Floor market.  We’ve been building LED disco dance floors since 2007!  A lot has changed, but the basics are still the same.  Here’re the three types of rental LED Dance Floors available in the rental market:  

  1. Acrylic topped LED Dance Floor.

Image of Swimming Pool Cover

Swimming Pool Covers – An Event Planners Guide


Create an amazing look and maximize event space!

In the production world, swimming pool covers are used as temporary flooring for a live event.  There are a lot of options available to the event planner when it comes to the rental and installation of swimming pool covers. But first, let’s talk about some scenarios where a swimming pool cover might be used:

  • A marketing firm or DMC may rent the pool deck at a hotel for an evening, open-air cocktail hour.  The client doesn’t want a ‘swim party’ atmosphere; rather, a semi-formal sophisticated gathering is the goal.  By covering the swimming pool with flooring, additional space is made available for cocktail rounds and seating.
  • At home wedding receptions can benefit from pool covers as well.  Many times, the bride’s family will have a pool cover installed when the reception is to take place in the home.  Not only does a rental pool cover allow additional space for guests, it also keeps younger guests from exploring (and possibly, falling in to) the…

Image of Event Production Plans and Rolls

How Engineer Certified Drawings for Events Can Make (or Break) Your Activation – An Event Planners Guide


Custom structures at your indoor or outdoor activation

Tower Base Drawings ImageIf you are an event marketing professional, then you have probably used a production company to build a custom structure for your client at an activation or trade show.  Custom structures built from truss or staging can be used as elevated seating for attendees or VIP’s, gateway arches or signage towers.  These structures can be huge show elements, massive custom stages or as small as a single piece of trussing.  However, they all have one thing in common – they are subject to inspection by a city official and will need engineer certified drawings for events of this kind.

In an indoor activation, the person from the city is typically the Fire Marshall or a member of his or her staff.  In an outdoor activation, it will typically be a city building inspector.  However, this is not an absolute – either one can show up at either event type.  Both have the power to write very expensive compliance tickets to your end client, hold the doors closed until you comply with city regulations, or in extreme cases, close your event and escort all attendees…

Confetti Cannon Rentals vs. Confetti Blower Rentals Image

Confetti Cannon Rentals Vs Confetti Blower Rentals – An Event Planners Guide

Using Confetti Rentals at Live Events

Looking for a fun, exciting special effect for your live event? Use confetti – it’s a BLAST!

OK, so now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about how confetti rentals work for live events.

Most clients that rent a a confetti cannon are looking to either do a product reveal at a corporate event, introduce a headlining act at a concert or festival or provide a highlight moment at an awards presentation. Confetti is also used for longer lasting effects such as a prize giveaway at a store opening, a special effect during the length of an entire song at a concert or celebrating a win at a political event.

Before we go too deep into the differences between blowers and cannons, lets talk about the confetti (or media) itself. Traditional confetti is small pieces of tissue paper, but you can use all sorts of other media as well. Streamers are the second most common type of confetti media. However, we’ve have clients use glitter, feathers, and even custom cuts of paper like small stars, hearts or even company logos. Confetti media is limited only by your imagination!

Confetti Cannon rentals

Image of Stage and Roof Systems for Live Events

Using Stage and Roof Systems for Your Event: A Guide for Event Planners

At In Depth Events, we’ve built hundreds of rooftops for outdoor events.  Whether your event is using a load bearing stage and roof system or a non load bearing stage and roof system (also called a genie roof, or a shade roof), the basic rules that apply to safety and successful use are the same.  Below, we’ll go over the most important guidelines for a successful show!

Pre-planning with your production vendor

Vital to the process of setting up a successful event is pre-planning.  In most cases, the stage and roof systems are central to the event, so it’s important to get an overhead site plan in place early in the game.  Begin by placing the stage and roof in a central location, pointing away from any close residential areas.  Then, you can sketch in vendor booths, points of entry and exit for audience and placement of vendor booths and port-o-potties.  Once you have a working diagram, check for crowd flow.

It’s better to have your stage and roof systems on high ground for a variety of reasons.  It’s better acoustically, because it allows the PA to throw farther.  It’s helpful for visibility as well.  Most importantly, if it rains, then the…