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Rental swimming pool covers for special events

Swimming Pool Covers allow you to maximize the area you entertain in by creating a safe and beautiful platform for guests over your existing swimming pool. By covering a swimming pool with acrylic or utility staging, you expand your usable area for your event while providing a unique and fun look for your guests. Our clients use this extra space for dance floors, band stages, and additional seating. At In Depth Events, we are the staging experts and we’ve provided rental staging for swimming pool covers for commercial and residential pools.

Our clients include hotels, casinos and apartment complexes as well as residential homes! Our swimming pool covers have been used for dance floors, large corporate events, fashion shows, corporate parties and grand openings. For our residential clients, our rental staging has covered swimming pools for private parties, wedding receptions and Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. Whatever your event, In Depth Events is there with swimming pool covers and full production services for clients that need a turnkey production provider!

Types of swimming pool covers for special events

There are four main types of rental swimming pool covers that can be built to accommodate your event. Whether your event is a private party or a large corporate event, we can help you find the perfect match.

Black Utility Surface

This pool cover is our most inexpensive option. We use our normal staging panels to cover your pool. Our normal staging panels are a black plywood top. This type of cover is used mostly for additional seating or for a band. We can also use this type of cover as a base for carpeting, dance floors, wood flooring, or other surface types. You can find out more about our black utility surfaces on this page.

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Frosted Acrylic Surface

Frosted acrylic is our most commonly used pool cover, and it’s not hard to see why. Frosted acrylic panels provide a beautiful, durable surface that is used as a dance floor or lounge area. By used frosted acrylic, light comes up from the pool allowing the floor to glow. You can find more information on our frosted acrylic pool covers on this page.

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Clear Acrylic Surface

When most people envision a pool cover, they think of clear acrylic – and for wedding receptions and black tie events, a clear acrylic floor is the only way to go. Clear acrylic panels allow guests to see down into the pool, providing a unique and breathtaking surface for a dance floor over water. Find out more about our clear acrylic pool covers on this page.

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Flush Mount Surface

A flush mount pool cover is typically used in commercial properties, such as a casino or hotel pool. A flush mount pool cover is specifically created and custom welded so that there is no step up onto the cover. Rather, they are made to fit into the pool itself, so there is a smooth transition from the pool deck to the cover surface. You can find more about our flush mount covers on this page.

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Additional Options for swimming pool covers

Lighted Pool Covers – Many times, a client will ask us to provide lights that add an extra dimension of fun for their pool cover dance floor. We have several options for lighting for your special event, both on the water, and décor lighting.

Checkerboard Pool Covers – If you can’t choose between black utility, frosted acrylic, or clear acrylic, why not choose all three? We can provide different panel types in checkerboard patterns for your pool cover. This allows the surface to be used for different activities, and can also help with budgets.

Logo Placement – Corporate events are always looking for unique branding opportunities – why not put your logo on our pool covers! This option has been used successfully for companies looking for provide a branded, memorable experience for trade show attendees.

Custom Services – We’re the experts at pool covers, and that means that we work with you to create the perfect event. Looking for a multilevel structure? A partial cover? Maybe you’d like a different surface types than we’ve discussed here. Whatever your ideas are – we want to hear them. Allow us to create your perfect swimming pool cover!

Why should you use In Depth Events for a Pool Cover at your next event?

Swimming Pool Covers offer a stunning extension to the space you plan on entertaining in. Our covers can be customized to fit your exact needs and are built in our in-house wood and metal shops. All of our Swimming Pool Covers are built under ADA guidelines to ensure the safety of your guests. Our experts have been all over the United States providing pool covers for hotels, casinos, and private homes. Make sure to use our experience to your advantage!

Having our own wood and metal shop allows us to easily customize the pool cover you desire for your event. Our staff is professional, timely, have great attention to detail, and are passionate about our clients. Our owners have over 25 years of experience in this industry, work side by side with our staff to ensure that your event is amazing.

For more information about our services or to get a quote please ask us a question. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!

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