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The current changes in 2020 have dramatically altered the events landscape. These changes have been deeply felt by non-profits who use fundraising events and auctions to collect funding. If you have found yourself canceling your fundraising events, know that you can still raise money for your cause without worrying about social distancing or other procedures.

What we are referring to is the online space. You can virtually host auctions, fundraising events, and create dynamic content to get your non-profit seen and heard.  Moving from in-person events to hybrid or virtual events can be tough to navigate. If you are new to virtual auctions and don't know how to get started, our team is here to help.


How can I host a virtual auction or non-profit event?


There are many ways you can make online fundraising and auctions successful. While your needs might be slightly different from these top tips, we offer full-service production for any unique requirements you might have. For a successful event, you need to produce awareness around it. This might mean setting up email campaigns, video marketing, and a website to inform and collect payments. Our team can help you with the digital side of things like video production and even digital marketing.


What could go wrong with my virtual auction?


Taking the DIY approach to a virtual event can be tough. There are potential downfalls like technical difficulties, issues with streaming, not having payments set up correctly, or even accidentally saying something you shouldn't when you thought the video was off. It is always best to hire a professional to ensure a high-quality virtual event. This allows you to focus on your cause, while our team of professionals handles the technical side of things.


What do I need to host a virtual non-profit event?


If you already have your marketing handled, we can help set the stage for your virtual event (literally). If you are fundraising or hosting a virtual auction, you still want to appear professional and have a well-built space. Virtual does not mean low-quality. Our team can provide;



What are my next steps?

Your next steps are simple, contact our team and get started planning your virtual fundraiser or auction. We have over 25 years of experience that we will use to ensure you have the most successful event possible.

 We would love to hear about your non-profit virtual event and goals. We understand your needs are unique, and we will work hard to offer the best quality and equipment for your budget.

 Whether you only need support with equipment rentals or help with video marketing- we are here for you.