Mobile & Permanent Video Studios

Providing the Best Possible Video Tools

One of the most critical aspects of your video message is the production value of the finished product. A video with good lighting, clean audio, and engaging graphics will support the professionalism of your brand and your message. If you want people to watch your videoconference, live video stream, or other digital video presentation on the Internet, you must invest in quality equipment and technicians.

Live outdoor shoot

A temporary outdoor studio for an onsite shoot

In Depth Events has made it easy for our clients to produce a great video, even if you are unfamiliar with the equipment or the process of providing video content to your audience. We have two ways of helping our clients get the best video presentation possible:

Mobile video studios:


One of our mobile studio set ups

Mobile video studio

Gone are the days when you had to drive across town and spend a day at a broadcast studio. Now, we bring the studio to you! With options such as backdrops, decors, stages, and furniture rentals, we provide the perfect set for you, at your location. Our technicians are ready when you are – not the other way around. Whether you are live streaming a vital message or taping for a later edit, our staff is up to the challenge. We can provide you with the best possible setting for your videoconference, realtor introduction, internet training video, or other messages that your clients need to hear.

The advantages of using a mobile video studio from In Depth Events are simple – price and quality. If you are looking to get a well-made and produced video that speaks to your audience, choose our experts. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the final video presentation, and the price of our services is an inexpensive investment to get your Internet message to your audience.

Permanent video studios: 


Some of our clients need a way to connect monthly, weekly, or even daily with their audience. For this type of client, a permanent video studio installed by the experts at In Depth Events may be the best answer. Maybe you are a business consultant who needs to inform their audience weekly what the current status of their industry. You could be a library providing engaging content for youth readers and new readers in multiple languages. You may be an elected official that needs to inform your constituents of what is happening in their community. In our post-pandemic world, even high schools and colleges will need to be able to provide digital video content quickly, inexpensively, and with superior production value.

Our team can handle the installation and operation of your new, permanent video studio. From a simple backdrop to a full broadcast facility installation, our techs can build to suit your specific needs. We can also provide techs at your disposal to handle filing and editing on site. No matter what the size or scale of your video production needs, we can help ensure that your video presentations have the best in production quality, graphics, video equipment, and editing talent available.

What do I need for a permanent installation, and how much does it cost? 


The needs for a modest permanent studio in your office, government workplace, or home are surprisingly affordable, and, depending on your needs, require about as much space as a small bedroom. The advances in video, lighting, audio, and editing technologies are making video production fast and inexpensive.

Cost is a big factor for most of our clients. Still, an important thing to remember is that your audience expects a video presence now more than ever. Providing engaging video content is the difference between talking with your audience or having them go somewhere else.

Are you ready to talk to our professionals about your video content and studio needs? Contact us today to find out how we can help with your next video project. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!