Choral & Choir Risers

Over a decade of experience.

Our staging professionals are well-versed in the load tolerances, municipality codes and height and width requirements necessary to build these types of structures.  Houses of worship, professional organizations and schools from elementary to collegiate level trust In Depth Events to provide choir risers rentals in our home state of Texas and all over the country.  In fact, we’ve built a whole website to showcase our Choral Risers – check it our at Texas Choral Riser!

Custom choir riser at FBC Stephenville

“Safety, Please Meet Professionalism”…


Choir riser with performance stage in front

In Depth Events provides the perfect mix of safety and professionalism when it comes to building rental choral risers, as well as our other audience seating risers – photo risers and press risers. Our friendly sales staff can provide drawings of the proposed structure long before load in day. And when that day comes, our site managers and installation technicians are well groomed and well dressed – as well as being ready to handle your event.

Options available for your choral riser rental

Image of Bass Hall Choir Seating Risers Rentals

Riser for a choir onstage at Bass Hall

Choral risers are typically built with a 6 inch overlap at the rear of each tier to keep chairs in line.  However, narrower tread depth can be used for choral risers where people will be standing only or for photo risers.  Seated choral risers are by far the most common – and we can provide chairs if needed.  With seated risers, it’s important to know minimum aisle widths, maximum chairs per row, handrail requirements and height of each tread as defined by municipal building codes.  Luckily – we have that knowledge and we are happy to use it to your benefit.

Please Ask Us a Question to find out more about our services, and how we can supply choral and choir risers rentals for your event!