Virtual Corporate Meetings

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You can still make virtual meetings and conferences look professional

Virtual meetings are the new norm, and if your business has moved to a virtual model, you know the challenges of having successful corporate meetings and conferences online. While you want to keep your employees safe, you still have a business to run, and having successful virtual meetings and conferences is a BIG part of that vision. The boardroom is now being replaced with virtual meetings and requires new strategies to engage your audience and still convey the high-quality expectations from an in-person event.

 Virtual events are becoming the new standard, and live streaming is taking the boardroom's place. Some companies choose to host hybrid events that require both live streaming and in-person elements. There are challenges to live streaming events such as production value, technical issues, and moderation of comments and attendees. Thankfully, In Depth Events has the experience to help you avoid costly or embarrassing mishaps while navigating the virtual space.

 As 2020 has progressed, our team has been hard at work, offering virtual production services to businesses just like yours. We have high-quality rentals and pre-production services to help you keep things moving. While events (and meetings) might be looking a little different these days, we can save you from embarrassing technical difficulties, low-quality videos, and the stress of trying to run a business and handle virtual production too.


What we offer for our virtual meeting clients


When hosting a virtual event or a hybrid event, there are some requirements to ensure it goes smoothly and has a high-quality production value.

 If this seems overwhelming, don't worry. Our team has the experience and equipment to help you successfully take things online. You still want your event to look professional and high-quality (even if it's virtual). You can live-stream your event, or our team can also help you pre-record and produce a video that you can play "live" for attendees.

 Pre-recorded video is a great option to enhance production value and offer a crisp and clean outcome. Let's face it; live video can be intimidating and has a lot of moving parts. It's easy to get discouraged or overwhelmed, but we are here to help you navigate your virtual event with ease.


How do I get started with live streaming my corporate event?


Just contact our team today so we can help you find the best options for your corporate event. We offer a full range of services and rentals to help you stand out and have a successful event. If you want more updates on the changes in virtual events, check out this recent post on our blog.