Power Distribution

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Power distribution rental is a problem that all event planners, festivals organizers and concert promotors have. How do I get all the power needs for my event handled? What’s the difference between three phase and single phase power? What’s a NEMA code? If the band bus requires shore power, do we need to have them by the beach? How do I get distributed power to my food vendors, arts vendors, registration tents and first aid tents?

At In Depth Events, our event professionals and electricians have the experience necessary to make sure everyone has the right power at your event. Our power distribution systems are designed to meet or exceed municipal power requirements and you’ll find that safety is our middle name.

Indoor vs Outdoor - Event power distribution considerations

Power needs for indoor and outdoor events use similar power distribution systems. However, the planning and implementation is vastly different. In Depth Events professionals and electricians are experts at planning power distribution in both environments. Here’s what we look at when planning rental power distribution for live events in indoor and outdoor environments:

Indoor Events:

In many cases, an event facility such as a theater, event center, or ballroom will already have one or more power drops in place. This allows us to tie our event power distribution directly into the building service. Many times, the ease of having a power drop on site is a deciding factor in venue selection. If a venue does not have a power drop available, then a generator has to be placed outside the venue.

Outdoor events:

Outdoor festivals, live events and concerts have to use rental power. In the vast majority of cases, that power requires generators on site. When we begin working with you to create a power distribution system for your live event, we calculate the needs of your vendors, registration tents and stage needs. From this point, we can begin to look at cable pathways, distribution layouts, and number and sizes of generators needed. For multi-day events, planning may also include bringing in fuel pumpers to re-fill generators while in place.

In Depth Events staff has successfully provided rental electrical power distribution for live events all over the country. Our professional staff of planners and electricians looks forward to seeing how we can serve you and your event. Please Contact Us Today for more information!