Cryo Jets / CO2 Effects

What is Cryo & CO2 Effects?

Are you looking to elevate the atmosphere at your event? If the answer is yes, then CO2 special effect rentals and Cryogenic special effect rentals are just what you need for your next event. Both of these effects provide unique and energetic special effects for live events. Cryogenic special effects use compressed CO2 gas in different ways to create an impact that engages your audience for almost any type of live event! Cryo (or Cryogenic) and CO2 rentals work in both indoor and outdoor environments. Both of these effects are also perfect in venues where particulate foggers, pyro, or confetti is not allowed.

Cryo Jet Plume Rises Above a Concert Audience

Cryogenic special effects are typically short bursts of CO2 cannons that create a plume of fog up to 10 feet from the nozzle. These Cryo special effect cannons have the versatility to be mounted in several ways. We can mount them on the ground, in a truss, or on overhead batons. Cryogenic special effects are also perfect for both indoor or outdoor environments. Each plume of fog can be triggered for short or long bursts and is particularly effective when using theatrical lighting. A well-timed, multiple cannon Cryogenic special effect will make your audience stand up and take notice. They add an extra layer of excitement when used for a reveal, an award presentation, or as a highlight at a concert or festival event. Think about going to watch your favorite artist on stage. Your anticipation and excitement only grow as the fog starts to roll in. The music begins, and you know you know that this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Yeah, it’s kinda like that.

So now that we had a quick look at Cryo special effects for events, we wanted to mention compressed CO2. Compressed CO2 is essential for T-shirt cannons, CO2 guns, and even confetti blowers. Also, there are several varieties of rental CO2 jets. These come in single jets, double jets, or triple jets as well. Our experts can help you pick the perfect combination to transform your event into something spectacular.

Why choose In Depth Events?

At In Depth Events, we use our focus and expertise to provide our CO2 jets for larger concerts, festivals, and corporate events all over the country. Our rental CO2 jets are a fantastic addition to your show. Most recently, our experts brought rental Cryo jets to provide a dynamic entry for NCAA gymnastic athletes. In the last few years, our experts have also taken our rental CO2 jets to corporate events, EDM concerts, festivals, and our world-famous glow parties.

We want your experience with all our products and services to be fantastic. That’s why we insist our technicians are involved in every rental we provide. For more information on our CO2 rental services, and Cryo special effects rental services, please Ask Us a Question. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!

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