Hybrid Video Conferencing

for Businesses, Hotels, and Venues

Curious about how cloud-based video conferencing can save you money AND engage your audience in your next meeting? If you’re reading this and you own or work for a venue, hotel or conference center, you need to be ready for this new trend in technology – and you’re probably a lot closer than you think. If you are a meeting planner or company reading this, then you need to make sure to up your game, so the competition doesn’t engage your audience before you do!

Pre and Post-Video Production Services

Pre and Post-Video Production Services

With social distancing and government quarantines, companies quickly needed to embrace video technology to continue to function. Many companies realized that videoconferencing, once expensive and problematic, is now an affordable alternative to the “old normal” travel costs involved in large meetings – the airfare, hotel costs, food, and transportation rentals that used to be a part of the landscape for large company functions.

The new normal in cloud-based videoconferencing 


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Now, companies demand and expect the ability to videoconference, not only in their home offices, but in meeting rooms, hotel ballrooms, venues, and other meeting spaces. In the future, corporate meetings in a conference center or ballroom will still happen – the difference is going to be the size of the audience. Seating limitations will no longer apply, as the audience will be watching the live event in their own homes or offices.

If you want to keep people engaged, bi-directional meetings are going to become standard. Attendees will be able to take center stage in Zoom, Teams, or Skype video conferences. Presenters will be able to appear remotely, as will award recipients. The technology to put remote viewers on the “big screen” will become a regular part of every meeting. This marriage of large video and audio production needs, interfaced with cloud-based vide conferencing, will drive the next decade in meeting technologies.

Cloud-based videoconferencing experts 


At In Depth Events, we’ve been at the forefront of video technology as it’s happened. We are unique in the fact that our owners have experience in both production technology and internet technology. Our combined expertise allows us to bridge the gap between video conferencing and live production. We make it easy for hotels, conference centers, and the companies that are coming to your venues.

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