Live Video Streaming

Live Video Streaming – Technology and Terms

Are you looking to expand your reach or monetize your live video events? Maybe you are a house of worship or high school needing to offer an online commencement ceremony. Either way, live video streaming and internet video streaming provide visibility and potential revenue for your business. The world has gone digital, and now is the time to find new ways to share your message and do so productively and efficiently.

Quick note- If you're a company or municipality that is looking to self-produce pre-recorded videos for your online audience, then you probably want to check out our mobile and permanent studio installations. If you need expert help with storyboarding, scriptwriting, and shooting and editing, then check out our video production services.
Also, if you are a hotel or venue that is looking to provide cloud-based streaming services to a corporate meeting, then check out our page on hybrid video meetings. Likewise, if you are a company looking to save money and increase engagement by hosting a cloud-based hybrid videoconference at a hotel or conference center, you should also visit the page on our hybrid video meeting services.

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Live video streaming packages:

Live video streaming for concerts and live events

If you work in the music industry or live host events, you know the potential to monetize your streams. Your success comes down to promotional strategy and high-quality video. If that is not your area of expertise, the good news is, it's ours. At In Depth Events, our experience in concert audio goes back decades, and the technology of providing an audio split for a multichannel live or post mixdown is well without our capabilities. We maintain a warehouse full of the latest audio and lighting equipment for your production needs. Video equipment, including video cameras, switchers, and playback monitors, are also part of our equipment and experience. From GoPros to DSLRs to full broadcast cameras and lenses, we have the equipment to make you look great.

Live video streaming for commencements

Now more than ever, having the capability to live stream school events is essential. Whether you have limited space or want to offer live streaming options for family members and friends who couldn't make it- having live video streaming options just makes sense. Now, everyone will have the ability to experience that special moment, even if they are miles (or states) away. Whether you need equipment setup, streaming strategy, or all of the above- we can help. We keep set up simple and offer a wide range of live streaming packages to meet your needs.

Live video streaming for churches

What if we told you that you could potentially DOUBLE your audience by using live video streaming. Having an online option for service is a smart solution to reach a larger audience with your message. Maybe someone is sick, can't make it in-person, or is trying out your church for the first time. Regardless of the reason, having multiple delivery options is the best way to reach as many people as you possibly can. Even if you are working with limited equipment, we have numerous solutions and expertise to get your church online. It's no secret that in the spring of 2020, we all realized the value and necessity to have a voice in the digital space. At In Depth Events, we want to help you with high-quality video streaming options that work for your unique needs.


The combination of live video technology and cloud-based video streaming 


Production value is the key to engagement. We've said it before, and we'll repeat it – without great video and audio production, your stream or program will not get the views you are looking for. It's essential to choose a provider with the "big three" capabilities: live production of audio and lighting, video equipment and expertise, and the knowledge of internet protocols, file types, and connection speeds.

In Depth Events sets itself apart from other companies with our knowledge of internet protocols, file formats, connection speeds, and networking. There are several options to make sure your connection to your cloud-based video streaming solution is rock solid. We can help you explore these options and find the best solution to your specific needs! Ask our experts a question or call us today.  We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!