Internet Video Creation

Providing All Aspects of Your Next Internet Video

Video editing services

For some people, creating marketing videos, training videos, or other forms of video creation is easy. For people that are comfortable in front of a camera, we’ve created our mobile studios and permanent installation studios. However, some of our clients don’t like being on camera or don’t have time to create an engaging presentation. Where do you go when you need video content that speaks to your audience, but you do not have the time or the desire to do it yourself?


Let the experts at In Depth Events show you our ninja skills. You already know we have the equipment to shoot and edit your video. What you may not know is that we can also provide storyboarding, scriptwriting, and talent selection to help you put your best foot forward. When it comes to creating your ideal video, there are several steps required to produce quality content.

Video production steps

Storyboarding: This is the critical first step to creating a video. Getting ideas together in a concrete manner – even if it’s on a cocktail napkin – lets you start strong and gives an idea of the look, tone, and feel of your message.

Scriptwriting: Next, we take the idea and begin to give it structure. Words are powerful. We use them to provide a strong and clear message to your audience.

Talent Selection: Bringing the perfect talent to your message is essential. Whether it is a voiceover or screen talent, providing the character that conveys your message is a big part of what makes your video believable and engaging.

Video Creation: Now, for the fun part! Bringing the props, location, talent, and technicians together for a perfect video shoot requires dedication and attention to detail. Let us show you how much fun production day can be!

Editing: Taking raw footage and cutting it down to a workable product requires patience and dedication. This is also the step when logos, lower thirds, audio effects, and music are added.

The Final Product:  We provide your final video in several formats for your audiences, including social media-friendly and streaming formats. Need screenshots, clips for remarketing, or help with social media promotion? Just ask us – we’re happy to help make your video a success!

Video creation and playing well with others 


We have several clients that already have an ad agency, print marketing company, or website design firm they are already working with. Many times, it’s difficult and time-consuming for you to navigate the different logo file formats, embedded website links, or video file formats. Especially when this is between our company, you, and other firms you might have hired to work other marketing avenues.

We want to make something clear: YES, WE DO WORK WITH YOUR AGENCY! Our goal is to provide a superior product that engages your audience. Working with other companies that offer similar, complementary services is all part of the workflow here at In Depth Events. We are here to make the experience as trouble-free and productive as possible!

Are you ready to start creating the perfect video for your message? Feel free to contact us and let us know your ideas. We look forward to working with you!