Choosing the Right Rental Stage for LED Screen Support – An Event Planner Guide

LED video walls are undeniably a part of the live event landscape now.  What used to be prohibitively expensive is now used for a variety of live events ranging from corporate events in hotel ballrooms to outdoor sporting events, and everything in between.  In almost all cases, professional event staff need to elevate the LED video wall above ground level.  In this Guide, we’ll discuss the best (and safest) way to get these LED screens in front of your attendees in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Indoor Video Screen Support

Rigging vs Ground Supporting LED Video Walls

In an indoor event environment, using LED video walls are exceptionally impactful and far more flexible than projection.  However, placement can be problematic.  Unlike a projection screen which can just be picked up and moved, LED video walls are heavy.  It’s important to make sure that the LED video wall is placed correctly the first time to avoid costly and unnecessary labor overages.

Sometimes the best solution is to fly the video walls is using overhead rigging points.  However, some venues do not have the points available for rigging, or they may not be in the right spot to facilitate the stage design.  Additionally – as we’ve mentioned – LED video walls are heavy. A venue, hotel ballroom, or exhibit hall space my not be comfortable with hanging points in a ceiling that’s not certified.  And let’s face it, if the venue isn’t comfortable hanging gear out of their ceiling, then you as a planner shouldn’t be either.

The solution is to ground support the LED video walls using staging.  At In Depth Events, we use the Bil-Jax staging system.  Our stage panels are best for ground supporting screens because they have significantly higher weight tolerances than hotel stages, and they are extremely configurable.  Our panels can provide LED video walls support stages in a variety of options for width, length, and height.  Using staging for video wall support offers the event professional a variety of advantages as far as placement, as well as saving you and your end client the exorbitant rigging costs that can come with being in a hotel ballroom or exhibit hall space.

Outdoor Video Screen Support

Ground Supporting in Challenging Outdoor Environments

Any outdoor event has a long list of challenges to surmount before the first attendee walks through the gate.  When you are planning sporting events, concert events, and festivals, you face unique space and power requirements – not to mention guessing what weather will be like in six months to a year.  Making sure that the LED video screens are visible and safe is the best way to capture and project the action to your attendees.

The Bil-Jax staging that we use here at In Depth Events are 4’x4’ staging panels, and their weight tolerance is second to none in the staging business.  We can elevate LED video walls up to a starting point of 12’ above ground level.  In addition, our panels can be drilled though, allowing ugly ballast to be placed under the staging support – and out of sight of your attendees.  Our staging can be set on challenging grades as well, allowing event professionals to utilize event space that might have been previously unusable.

Trusting Your Video Solutions to our Support Experts

At In Depth Events, we understand that your investment in video panels is only second to the safety of the show.  You have a responsibility to your end client to provide the best solutions for LED video wall support in both indoor and outdoor environments.  Luckily, you found us!  Ask our experts how we can provide solutions that make sense for your next live event.  We look forward to hearing from you, and working with you!

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