VIP Chair Rentals

At In Depth Events, we provide many different kinds of seating risers, including choral risers for performances, and audience seating risers for all types of events.  What you might not know is that In Depth Events also provides VIP chair rentals for our clients as well!

VIP seating vs ‘normal’ seating rentals – what’s the difference?

Clarin VIP Chairs Image

Clarin VIP Chairs for Maximum Comfort

There are several different rental chairs available on the market today.  The cheapest available is a ‘samsonite’ – a plastic folding chair.  The next two types are chivari chairs, which are typically used for weddings; and stacking banquet chairs, which are the types of chairs you’ll see in hotels.  These chairs work well for short periods of time – the length of a wedding, or at a corporate presentation where you might be seating for an hour or so per session.

However, at In Depth Events, we only stock the highest level of comfortable seating rentals.  This chair rental is a VIP sports chair,made by Clarin.  These chairs lock together to provide stable seating rows on our risers or on the floor.  Each chair has a 3″ padded seat and a padded back for maximum comfort.  They are the most comfortable folding chair on the market, designed for VIPs attending sporting events on the sidelines of the game.  Since a game may last three hours or longer, these rental VIP seats must be comfortable enough to allow for longs periods of time.  In Depth Events is pleased to stock both the Clarin 4400 and 3400 models.

Why select In Depth Events for VIP chair rentals?

In Depth Events is one of the few companies in the nation that can provide large scale seating risers, as well as the VIP chairs that make sure your attendees are comfortable.  Being able to provide both as a package saves our customers money, time and effort.  For everything from graduations to sporting events – we provide a superior product for your attendees!

Ask Us a Question of our event experts and find out how we can assist you.  We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!



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