Custom Audience Risers

There are several different types of audience seating risers available on the rental market today.  In addition to pre-manufactured seating riser systems, you’ll also see bleacher rentals available for lower cost seating.  In this page, we’ll talk about custom built audience risers and how they can be used.

Different Applications for Custom Audience Seating Risers

Image of Audience Seating Risers

Custom Audience Seating Risers

There are lots of different events where custom audience seating risers would be used in both indoor and outdoor rental applications.  Of course, large corporate events use custom seating risers to elevate their attendees for line of sight to the stage.  In an ‘in-the-round’ environment, a corporate event planner might use three different elevated risers to make sure all attendees have a clear view of the action.  These custom-sized audience seating risers can be carpeted or non carpeted risers and they are typically set in a ballroom or exhibit hall.




Custom Audience Riser at SXSW Image

Custom Audience Riser at SXSW

However, there are more uses for custom seating risers than just corporate events.  Houses of worship, schools, colleges and theaters use custom audience seating risers in all sorts of ways from black box theater setups to elevated seating risers for commencements and live performances.
Finally, you’ll see custom seating risers at large outdoor concerts and sporting events.  Many times, a corporate sponsor will pay for the right to build VIP seating risers at a concert for their preferred customers or contest winners such as the one we built for Miller Lite at SXSW.  Sometimes, a custom seating riser takes the shape of grandstand seating at a sporting event or at a parade – again, sponsored by a corporation to allow their VIPs or guests front row seating to the event.


Selecting the right vendor for custom audience seating risers

Making sure you have the right vendor for your custom audience risers is kind of a big deal.  As an example, lets say you are seating 3000 parents, grandparents, sisters and brothers at a college commencement.  Frankly, that’s a LOT of liability to be sitting on risers built by the lowest bidder.

At In Depth Events, staging is our core business.  We own and maintain our staging inventory in house, so we know its in great shape.  We have years of experience building custom audience seating risers with our staging and our technicians are second to none.
If you are looking for a vendor, here are a few pointers:

Large Audience Riser Image

Large Audience Riser

  • Make sure to ask for CADs.  “Making it up as you go along” doesn’t work.  The proper company will have your risers laid out digitally long before trucks roll.
  • Make sure to get an additionally insured certificate of insurance.
  • Get company references and make sure to follow up with them.

On the other hand, why take the risk?  Ask Us a Question and find out why we are used for custom audience seating applications nationwide.  We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!

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