Audience Seating Risers Overview

There are several types of audience seating risers available on the rental market today.  These risers are used to elevate audience members so that every seat has a clear line of sight to the action. They are used in both indoor and outdoor environments for corporate events and presentations, parades, graduation ceremonies and commencements - and (of course) sporting events of every size and type.  When it comes to indoor and outdoor sporting events, the In Depth Events crew has provided audience seating rentals for auto racing, tennis and everything in between!

The Different Types of Audience Risers Available for Rental

The main types of rental audience seating risers are:

Audience Seating Risers Image

Indoor Audience Seating Risers

Seating Risers: The most common type of audience seating is typically used indoors for corporate events and presentations.  These are custom built configurations used to increase sight lines and seating area for corporate events, theatrical presentations, and intimate concerts.  Because they are built custom for each client using 4'x4' panels, they do NOT use integrated seating - rather, they use VIP chairs or hotel banquet chairs.

Riser Systems: Integrated seating risers systems are pre-built seating configurations.  Mostly used in outdoor environments, they use an integrated chair attached to the superstructure itself.  These rental seating riser systems are used for larger sporting events.  They hold the largest number of attendees of any of the risers systems available; however, they are limited in custom configuration options.

Bleachers: Bleachers by definition are seating risers that have a running bench, rather than utilizing actual chairs.  You can rent these as
'tilt and rolls', but mainly, they require a build crew, just

Outdoor Audience Seating Riser Image

Outdoor Audience Seating Riser

like our other audience seating options.  Bleachers have been waning in popularity in recent years due to upgrades in municipal building codes and fire marshal requirements at public events. However, you still see them in private events, both indoor and outdoor.

Grandstand Seating: This is an older term that has come to have a multiple definitions.  Originally meant for permanent seating installations, a grandstand area was typically covered seating.  It is now used to describe seating on a parade route, large sporting event, or fairgrounds, and can mean permanent or rental seating.

VIP Chair Rentals: Sometimes, elevated seating is not needed - but comfortable seating is!  At In Depth Events, we provide VIP chair rentals used both on and off our rental seating risers.  We use the Clarin 4400 and 3400 chairs with a padded back and generous 3" seat pad for our VIP chair rentals.  Used by corporate events, wedding receptions, houses of worship, and sporting events, our VIP chair rentals latch together to provide attractive, safe, and comfortable seating that your attendees demand (and your municipality requires).

Choosing a vendor for audience seating risers

It's very important to select the right vendor when looking for rental audience seating.  Look for vendors who are Certified Building Contractors in multiple municipalities.  Make sure that you vendor uses engineered drawings, and can provide engineer stamped documents when asked.  Verify the vendors insurance, and require a COI, including Workman's Compensation - even if your state doesn't require it.  Request references, and follow up with references to make sure they are valid.

The crews at In Depth Events have been providing audience seating risers for years, and have provided seating for events all over the nation.  Ask Us
a Question
to see how we can become your vendor.  We look forward to hearing from you, and working with you!