Do I Need a Pool Cover for my Event?

Pool cover rental

Picture this; you are hosting a private black-tie event at your gorgeous home. The weather is beautiful, so you opt to move the gathering outside with all the pretty lights and decorations. Here's the problem, you want more space for dancing and guests, but you have this BIG pool right in the middle of your yard. So what do you do? 

 If you don't want to see your guests in speedos, you could check out our pool covers. Now, we know what your thinking. How is a pool cover going to help me add space to my backyard? These aren't just your average pool covers. These are beautiful, custom structures that add extra space safely and that WOW factor. 

But you are not limited to backyard pools. Our pool cover rentals can be used at trade shows, hotels, casinos, and just about anywhere there's a pool to cover. And the best part is, our pool covers are designed in-house so when we say custom, we really mean that.

What are my pool cover options?


We have tons of pool cover options for you to choose from;

We also have our in-house metal and woodshop, so we can customize any pool cover idea you might have. 

Are pool cover rentals expensive?


That all boils down to your budget and needs. If you want an instant quote, you can check out our instant pool rental quote tool. We designed this tool to give you an accurate quote, so you know what to expect. We also have custom options, so you have plenty of different types, sizes, and choices to choose from. As for price, it all depends on the size of your pool and the customized options you choose. 

How do I know which options to choose?


Our team has been in the event and rental business for over 25 years. We are more than happy to hop on a no-cost call with you so that we can find the best pool cover for your budget and needs. Also, know that you get our pool cover professionals' experience when you purchase a pool cover rental from us. We cover everything from design and install, so you can focus on your event and not the rentals. Our team designs, measures, and installs your pool cover rental- so you don't have to worry about any of the technical stuff. We have years of experience and meet all safety requirements to ensure a safe and beautiful experience for you and your guests.

What else would I need for my event?


We have your event needs covered. Whether you need lighting to transform your backyard into an oasis, or audio for the band you hired- we have you covered. We have everything you need to host your BEST event like;

And if you are navigating hosting a virtual event, we can help with that too. As the times change and event needs change with it, we are fully equipped with the experience and rentals necessary for any occasion. So if you need a pool cover, but also chairs or a stage- we can handle that too. We are proud to offer everything you need to have a successful event with ease and professional-grade service. If you have any unique needs, we can help there too. We pride ourselves on bringing your vision to life whether that's a backyard oasis or a custom trade show event.

Final thoughts


We know you want a safe and flawless event, so hiring professionals is the way to go. We have decades of experience in the event industry and work hard to ensure your event is perfection. If you have any questions, we are here to help. 


Pool cover on a cruise ship? Sure, we can do that.

Industry insiders know that for custom swimming pool covers, the only company to call is In Depth Events. Our experts have handled everything from wedding receptions in private backyards, Bat Mitzvahs in palatial garden manors, chic clear installations for private events, and corporate parties at hotels, casinos, and country clubs across the US. Our staff is used to the challenges that come with providing clear, frosted, and utility pool covers. In fact, we are the ONLY company in the south that can provide flush mount pool covers for our clients.

In other words – we’re used to challenges when it comes to building custom swimming pool covers and stages. However, when the Tom Joiner people called us, we have to admit that we were taken a little off guard. Every year, the Tom Joiner Fantastic Voyage brings a Christian celebration of music and ministry to its attendees. In the spring of 2018, the cruise ship Carnival Breeze was selected as the host ship or this seven-day cruise. The Tom Joiner people wanted to know – can we build a performance stage over a pool – on a cruise ship?

Of course we can! After several meetings with Carnival staff, several sets of drawings, and several conversations with our engineers, we loaded our equipment on the pool deck in late April using a crane. We had to make sure every last part was in our pack – there are no Home Depots in the Gulf of Mexico. When the night of the build finally came around, our crew faced a rainy night and rough seas. It’s hard enough to build a stage in a swimming pool – it’s even more difficult when the swimming pool is moving around you!

However, our expert stage builders prevailed and finished the build well in time for the headliner, Anita Baker, to perform. The Tom Joiner people were amazed at the transformation of the pool deck, Cardinal’s staff was happy with our respect for their performance area and their engineering staff, and our stage builders went away with a sense of accomplishment for a job well done.

For your next swimming pool cover, make sure to contact the experts at In Depth Events. We look forward to hearing from you, and working with you!