Renting Patio Bulb Stringers for Outdoor (and Indoor!) Special Events

When searching for the best options for warm, festive lighting for special events, it’s hard to go wrong with patio bulb stringers.  Depending on where you are from, bulb stringers have several different names, and can invoke several different moods:

Patio Bulb Stringers:

In the heart of our discussion is the charming Patio Bulb Stringers. These are specifically the strings of bulbs that brighten up patios, pathways, or any outdoor setting you can dream of. The magic of stringers lies in their simplicity and their power to transform a space with a cozy, inviting glow.

Commercial Bulb Stringers:

Commercial Bulb Stringers are the term used to describe stringers in large outdoor spaces.  They can also be used in large indoor spaces such as hotel ballrooms or banquet spaces, and last (but not least!) in under-tent environments.

Bistro Lighting:

Ah, Bistro Lighting, now we're getting continental! Drawing inspiration from the quaint, picturesque outdoor cafés of France, bistro lighting adds an elegant yet casual charm to any event. Whether it’s an intimate wedding reception or a chic corporate event, bistro lights create a warm, inviting ambiance that whispers stories of Parisian nights under the stars.

Café Stringers:

Last but certainly not least, we have Café Stringers. Evoking the lively atmosphere of a street café, these lights are all about creating a vibrant, spirited vibe. Perfect for casual gatherings, food festivals, or any event where fun is on the menu, café stringers bring a touch of whimsy and delight.

Read through our guide below to find out more about renting these flexible and fun event lighting solutions for your next event!

Rent vs Buy

Hiring Expert Installers for Rental of Patio Bulb Stringers


Patio bulb lighting stringers serve as an essential tool for creating a brilliantly staged ambiance at your event. Acting as shedders of warm, welcoming, and atmospheric illumination, they elevate the aesthetic appeal of any event, highlighting spaces and features with an elegant glow.  These lights come into the spotlight especially during events such as weddings, corporate gatherings, or intimate dinners when the sun dips below the horizon, and natural light fades away. They fill the atmosphere with an enchanting warmth, making it cozy and inviting.

Choosing to rent patio bulb lighting stringers instead of purchasing them provides a plethora of benefits. Cost-effectiveness is one of the most impactful, as the expense associated with purchasing, storing, and maintaining such lighting equipment can be considerable.  When you opt for our rental services, you also get access to professional installation and removal services. Our experienced team is well-versed in setting up these lights in an incredibly effective manner, ensuring that they greatly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your venue.

At In Depth Events, our experts ensure the lights' arrangement does not dampen their potential but effectively illuminates the venue within safety boundaries. This involves calculating the appropriate height, the intensity of the light, and the spread for optimal lighting and aesthetics.  No trees?  No problem!  We can provide other support structures for the cable and swags of lighting at your event.  Using patio bulb lighting stringers for your event entails more elements than mere lighting and decoration. It’s a partnership where we work towards creating the atmosphere you desire for your event, combining your ideas with our expertise and experience.

You’ll see other companies that ship you the stringers so that you can install them yourself.  That works for smaller parties, but when you have a larger space, or are limited on time, then make sure to hire our experts at In Depth Events for the setup and removal for your special events.  With our patio bulb lighting stringers at your disposal, you'll enjoy an event that leaves an indelible impression on your guests' minds, all without any additional efforts or hassles on your part.

Additional Event Rentals for Your Special Event

Whether it’s an outdoor wedding, a corporate event, a family event, or a sporting event, In Depth can help with all your décor lighting rental needs.  To create a successful event, we’ve found that customization is key; understanding the specific needs of the venue, ensuring that the style aligns with the event's theme, and being savvy with the budget without sacrificing visual appeal, are the pillars of a successful lighting experience.

Our customizable rental packages cater to a spectrum of client needs and financial plans, without skimping on quality or effect. Our professional team prides itself on deploying and removing lighting with seemly efficiency, allowing clients to stay focused on their guests.

In summary, patio bulb lighting stringers offer an irreplaceable transformative effect for any event worth remembering. In Depth Events is your go-to authority in crafting an atmospheric masterpiece with lighting.  Please contact us - We welcome you to explore our offerings further and to entrust us with the lighting needs of your next event. Let's shine a light on your event's potential, together!

A Tale of Two Political Parties

In Depth Events is a true bi-Partisan live events company!

Ask anyone that works in live events, and they’ll tell you – The event business is a hard way to make a living.  However, even in this challenging industry, there are levels of difficulty.  For example – providing a pool cover for a holiday event is relatively straightforward.  You set a date, bring in the equipment, set it up, and take it back down again.  Weather can always present a challenge, and yes, it’s hard work.  But nothing, and I mean NOTHING, can prepare you for providing gear for political events.

Political events are the most challenging types of events in our industry.  Most political events happen without warning – at most, you have 5 working days to prepare, and even that is a luxury.  Political events are rarely held in a typical event space – they are in factories and manufacturing facilities, in outdoor environments, private homes, and children's centers.  Security is tight.  Timelines are tight, and they’re made worse by mandatory security sweeps.    However, by far the most challenging thing about political events is that it has to be right, on time, every time, no excuses.

At In Depth Events, because of the unique experiences and characteristics that Matt and Robert possess, we are really good at political events.  In fact, we are one of a small handful of companies that do them with the level of consistency that is demanded by our clients.  To that end, he’s the Tale of Two Political Parties, and the four events we’ve done for them this past spring!

Event #1

Trump at the International Union of Operating Engineers in Crosby, Texas

President Trump came to the Crosby, Texas IUOE training and education center specifically to sign two Executive Orders designed to boost the oil and gas industry.  This historic visit was attended by several prominent Texas Republicans, as well as a host of working engineers from all corners of the United States.  However, it started with a single phone call, three days before the event.  When the call came in from Jarrad Scott, founder of PM1, (Production Management One is the most prominent political production company in the United States) Robert knew the clock was already ticking.  In 72 hours, In Depth Events staff, with Robert on site, was able to provide audio, lighting, press feed, backstage monitors, and generator rentals for an event that took place inside a non-climate controlled welder’s training facility.  Every single word of the President’s speech was heard, and the lighting served to make sure the press saw every interaction on the stage.  We worked directly with White House staff to make sure this event went off without a single hitch.

Event #2


Trump at Sempra Energy in Cameron Parish, Louisiana

Less than a month later, In Depth Events was on site in Louisiana at Cameron LNG getting ready for another Presidential appearance.  This political event was spearheaded by Streamline Event Agency, with Justin Zebell at the helm.  Cameron LNG is a brand new facility that provides LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) for export.  Matt was the lead on this site, bringing four trucks of equipment to the outdoor event space.  After three grueling days of setting up staging, press risers, seating risers, and photo risers in the Louisiana heat, the President arrived to discuss the number of jobs that the new facility would create in Louisiana.  This event was exceptionally well-attended and covered by the press, with news reports and sounds bites of the President’s speech going all over the world.

Event #3

Biden at a private residence in Highland Park, Texas

In June, we got a call from the other side of the aisle – Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden was coming to Dallas.  His first stop was a campaign finance appearance at a private home in Highland Park, Texas.   Private homes are always tricky because they simply aren’t set up for live events.  For this private home, load in was through a rear alley and then hand carried through the back yard.  Robert spearheaded this event and carried most of the gear himself!  Luckily, production requirements we not difficult, with a small podium and stage, as well as an audio system with a wireless microphone.  The event went exceptionally well, with everyone in attendance able to hear Mr. Biden’s message.

Event #4

Biden at SPARK Children’s Center in Dallas, TX

From the private event that Robert was handling, Mr. Biden hopped in his SUV and drove over to his second stop in Dallas – a speaking engagement at the non-profit children's center called SPARK! At Southside on Lamar.  This event required a lot more production gear and some special backdrop treatment!  Matt brought In Depth Events skills in force with HMI lighting panels, a multizone audio system, and staging for the press.  The event looked great, to the point that the CNN cameraman told Matt it was “the best lighting he’d ever had at a political event”. The venue was particularly happy with the way our crews respected their art and children's installations through the venue.

As I said before – political events are by far the most challenging events we handle as event professionals.  From Presidents to Presidential contenders, National, State, and even non-profit rallies, our co-founders Matt and Robert have been there and we have you covered.  Let us show you how our founders and crew work together with your planning staff to provide the best in event management and event technology.  Contact us today for a quote!

A Tale of Two Theme Parties

How two very different events had a very successful theme party – courtesy of In Depth Events!

The Spring of 2019 had some amazing clients for In Depth Events.  As a live event production company, our focus is bringing audio, lighting, staging, and power together to make memorable, fun events that people talk about for years to come.

Women With Promise - Disco Ball

American Campus - Lubbock, Texas

Our first theme event in 2019 was with Cindy Latch and Women With Promise.  This charitable organization is made up of successful women in the North Texas area.  The Women with Promise annual fundraiser is designed to empower women to build a future filled with promise and success.  This year, the committee chose a Disco theme, and the fundraiser was held at the Omni Hotel in downtown Dallas.  In Depth Events was chosen as the vendor to handle the audio, lighting and staging needs in the main ballroom and in the pre-function area.

Matt and Robert started with our ever-popular LED Dance Floor, and added modern lighting effects with a throwback Disco ball.  The audio system was a solid performer throughout the night, with both a DJ and a celebrity impersonator.  The event was so successful that we had several hotel guests that had been invited to other, unrelated events in the hotel come to crash our party.  A great evening with a great client – for a great cause!

From black tie to poolside – our next theme event was a collegiate outdoor black light party in Lubbock, Texas!  American Campus is a company that provides off-campus apartments for college students at several major campuses across Texas and other parts of the United States.  One of the many bonuses in living on an American Campus property is the parties that management throws for the residents.  In April of 2019, In Depth Events was selected as the production and talent management vendor to throw a massive pool party at the Raiders Pass property in Lubbock, with students attending Texas Tech.

To make sure the party was a major success, Robert set them up with a thumping audio system, black lights, and used his talent management skills to book one of the best turntablist DJ’s in the State.  Matt took his expertise onsite to provide special effects for the party, including dry ice effects, UV effects, and CO2 cannons.  This outdoor poolside event was a favorite with the student residents in Lubbock, and with the management at American Campus.  This theme party can be a success at your outdoor venue as well – just call our experts for a quote!

Pool cover on a cruise ship? Sure, we can do that.

Industry insiders know that for custom swimming pool covers, the only company to call is In Depth Events. Our experts have handled everything from wedding receptions in private backyards, Bat Mitzvahs in palatial garden manors, chic clear installations for private events, and corporate parties at hotels, casinos, and country clubs across the US. Our staff is used to the challenges that come with providing clear, frosted, and utility pool covers. In fact, we are the ONLY company in the south that can provide flush mount pool covers for our clients.

In other words – we’re used to challenges when it comes to building custom swimming pool covers and stages. However, when the Tom Joiner people called us, we have to admit that we were taken a little off guard. Every year, the Tom Joiner Fantastic Voyage brings a Christian celebration of music and ministry to its attendees. In the spring of 2018, the cruise ship Carnival Breeze was selected as the host ship or this seven-day cruise. The Tom Joiner people wanted to know – can we build a performance stage over a pool – on a cruise ship?

Of course we can! After several meetings with Carnival staff, several sets of drawings, and several conversations with our engineers, we loaded our equipment on the pool deck in late April using a crane. We had to make sure every last part was in our pack – there are no Home Depots in the Gulf of Mexico. When the night of the build finally came around, our crew faced a rainy night and rough seas. It’s hard enough to build a stage in a swimming pool – it’s even more difficult when the swimming pool is moving around you!

However, our expert stage builders prevailed and finished the build well in time for the headliner, Anita Baker, to perform. The Tom Joiner people were amazed at the transformation of the pool deck, Cardinal’s staff was happy with our respect for their performance area and their engineering staff, and our stage builders went away with a sense of accomplishment for a job well done.

For your next swimming pool cover, make sure to contact the experts at In Depth Events. We look forward to hearing from you, and working with you!