Swimming Pool Cover Rentals

Providing Acrylic Stages for Swimming Pool Cover Rentals

A Pool Cover Brings Your Event Outside

A Pool Cover Brings Your Event Outside

Acrylic swimming pool cover rentals are a  great way to bring your event outside!  By covering a swimming pool with acrylic staging, you expand your usable area for your event while providing a unique and fun look for your guests.  At In Depth Events, we are the staging experts and we’ve provided rental staging for swimming pool covers for commercial and residential pools.

Our clients include hotels, casinos and apartment complexes as well as residential homes!  Our swimming pool covers have been used for large corporate events, fashion shows, and corporate parties and grand openings.  For our residential clients, our rental staging has covered swimming pools for private parties, wedding receptions and Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.  Whatever your event, In Depth Events is there with swimming pool covers and full production services for clients that need a turnkey production provider!

What options are available when I rent a swimming pool cover?

Image of Flush Mounted Pool Cover

Add the WOW Factor to Your Event!

When you rent a swimming pool cover, there are several options available for lighting the pool as well as the surface type of the pool cover.  Below, you’ll find some descriptions and explanations.

NEWFlush mounted pool cover with clear or acrylic surface:  The newest stage for swimming pools is our flush mount pool cover.  This option is a stage on top of your pool with a completely flush transition from swimming pool to deck surface.  If you are looking to add the “WOW” factor to your event, this is the way to go.  The steel frame is constructed, welded to size, and connected by steel crossbar stabilizers.  Your choice of clear or frosted plexi-glass panels are mounted to the frame, precisely cut to fit the size and shape of your pool area.  We also install all materials onto a protective barrier which prevents your swimming pool and deck surface from damage during the install and / or dismantle process.  The flush mount swimming pool cover maximizes the most space and adds an exquisite focal point.

Image of Standard vs Flush Mounted Pool Cover

On the Left is a Standard Acrylic Pool Cover. On the Right is our NEW Flush Mounted Clear Acrylic Pool Cover

Clear pool cover surface:  Clear pool covers are stunning! And based on the lighting, they can be fun, elegant or have an art-deco flair.  Clear acrylic swimming pool cover rentals allow your guests to see directly into the pool below them.  Lighting effects can be used from above the surface of the pool cover, or below it.  It’s an amazing effect that is visually stunning.

Frosted Pool Cover Allows Light to Pass Through

Frosted Pool Cover Allows Light to Pass Through

Frosted pool cover surface:  The next option available is using a frosted plexi-glass surface.  Frosted acrylic swimming pool cover rentals allows for light transference from under the stage, so lighting the water of your pool can come into play.  A frosted acrylic cover is very elegant, and doesn’t show scuffs, so it’s a great option is you are planning on using highboys, chairs, or tables on the swimming pool cover.

Standard rental staging surface:  Our most budget-friendly option allows for a pool cover to be completed using our normal staging panels.  The result is a black painted wooden surface that expands your event space over your swimming pool.

Ask Us a Question of our event professionals today to find more information about our staging rental for swimming pools.  We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!

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