Facebook Event Page Set-Up

Using Facebook to Promote Events

Facebook is one of the greatest ways to promote your events. With over 490 million users that utilize the Event Pages per month, you’ll definitely increase attendance of your public event by using Facebook Event Pages properly. As a frequent Facebook user I see multiple events around my area daily and have had great success utilizing Facebook Events Pages to promote past events.

How to Set-Up a Facebook Event Page

To start, I always set up an event page in such way that the cover photo or video and event title are compatible with phone screens since most people scroll Facebook on a cellular device. At the time of writing this article Facebook's Event Tips Website claims the photo must be "at least 1920 x 1080 pixels (16:9 ratio)". The information popup when creating a new event page contradicts this telling you to make it 1200 x 628 pixels for an aspect ratio of 1.9:1. In reality 1200 x 628 is closer to 1.91:1 if you want to nit pick. To make it more complicated not  all devices will display this image or video at the same resolution with some mobile devices displaying it as wide as 1250 pixels. If you want to be really safe I suggest going with the 1.91:1 aspect ratio at a minimum size of 1920 x 1005 pixels and leave room on the edges for what ever random cropping Facebook decides to do. I would avoid using text in your cover photo as it can be hard to read on smaller devices. Also, Facebook will not approve any photo that is more than 20% text.

Pro Tip
When possible use a short video for your cover instead of a photo. This is a great way to grab someone's attention.

Once I have chosen a cover photo/video and title, I set the page with the exact date, time, and address for the event I am promoting. This allows people in the surrounding area to view the event and plan to attend. When choosing the name for a public event, I try to keep it short, to the point, and attention grabbing. Finally, I add a description with exciting details and encourage people to join us at the event.

Pro Tip
When adding the description for your event use hashtags and @mentions. If your event has acts or special attendees planned, add them as Co-Hosts or Relative Groups of the event. This will showcase your event on their pages attracting another group of people.

Facebook allows you to edit your public event up to three times but, changes can greatly affect attendance of people who are interested so I try not to edit events after they are published. I always work on a draft until I am sure it is ready then publish it for Facebook users to see. You want your Event Page to look professional but also be engaging at the same time.

Why Should You Use a Facebook Event Page to Promote Your Event?

Facebook Event Pages are like flyers who help reach more people than any piece of paper ever could. Designing the page and being able to post videos and continuous content grabs and holds people’s attention. Creating an Event Page allows you to showcase your public event in a unique way.

There is so much excitement in creating a Facebook Event Page. Each event has such great potential to showcase and promote. I would love to help you create a Facebook Event Page that could significantly increase the attendance of your public event.

For more information about how Facebook can be used to promote your public event, feel free to email me at media@indepth.events. I would love to answer any questions you have and discuss how I can help you promote your event.

Look for my next post soon: The Basics of Promoting Public Events Using Facebook

July 4, 2017 – An event management firm’s Recap!

Like most event management and concert production firms, July 4 is one of the busiest weekends of the year. We had several clients, but two of them really stand out for two very different reasons. Please enjoy our recap, and feel to ask questions in the comments!

City of Celina – Social media and event management for municipalities

The City of Celina is one of the fastest growing municipalities in the State of Texas. The demographic mainly consists of upwardly-mobile young parents with small children. City government is growing as fast as the City itself is – which leaves very little time for planning events. However, city events generate a feeling of community and civic pride, and are a true necessity for growing areas. How does city staff balance their time in promoting events vs other municipal responsibilities?

In Depth Events was able to provide an In Depth solution for the City of Celina’s Splash and Blast event. This patriotic event features live music, fireworks, waterslides, and plenty of food and crafts vendors. We were able to help city staff by handling all social media promotion (including video promotions), sponsorship procurement, and other event management services, such as banner creation, poster creation and placement, and day-of-show sponsor and volunteer support.

Our efforts helped to increase event sponsorship by over three times the amount they had in 2016. Furthermore, the event sponsors were pleasantly surprised with nearly five times the amount of attendees from previous years. Our pre-event social media promotion, combined with monitoring and responding to questions during the event on social media platforms, really paid off for the City of Celina.

Austin Symphony – location-specific concert production services in Austin

The co-founders of In Depth Events have been working with the Austin Symphony for years, providing the perfect stage and rooftop system for the official Fourth of July event for the City of Austin. Unlike most events in Austin, which are designed to bring tourists in – this event is specific to Austin citizens, and Austin people are serious about their music. So how does an event management company handle a concert event for one the most discerning audiences in the world?

With integrity and professionalism. The lawn at the Long Center is one of the most challenging setups we do. It starts with a 15-degree grade to setup our 40’x40’ load bearing stage and rooftop system. This makes usually mundane task like leveling a stage (or driving a forklift) much more difficult. Combined with 100-degree temperatures and an 80 pieces symphony orchestra on stage, this show is challenging to say the least.

Once again, the staff of In Depth Events knocked it out of the park. In addition to building the perfect stage and rooftop for the occasion, we were also able to add a touch of our event management services by designing a custom banner for the rooftop structure. This small addition made a huge difference in the look and feel of the stage, and promoted HEB (the title sponsor) in a far more attractive and visible way than before.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this recap. Please feel free to ask us any questions about these events in the comments – and please contact us for your future event needs. We look forward to hearing from you, and working with you!

HoustonFest 2017 at the University of Houston – Social Media Videos

Shooting interview format videos – the In Depth staff on event site

Just a few months ago, the staff at In Depth Events was invited to HoustonFest, an event thrown for student attendees on the campus of the University of Houston.  The event was designed to showcase some of the exciting things that Houston has to offer the students of the University of Houston, as well as promoting on-campus organizations, such as CougarByte and the Student Program Board.

The In Depth Events staff was there with an in-house video crew to shoot candid interviews of vendors, program organizers, and attendees.  These videos, complete with lower thirds, gives the person watching them a real sense of being at the event.  Each video is kept to a 1.5 minute maximum, perfect for use on Facebook and Youtube to promote the event and the person being interviewed on Facebook, Youtube, and other social media outlets.

The importance of GREAT video production for social media

Bad audio?  Bad video?  If you don’t use quality equipment and behind the scenes personnel, your videos, your audience, and your conversions will suffer!  With the HoustonFest videos, we wanted to show a fun campus and provide some great interviews for use by the University, the Student Program Board, and vendors.  By using a quality production company like In Depth Events, the overall look and feel is transmitted in a positive way.

We’ve seen cell phone videos and there’s no question they work for consumer-level social media.  Families singing Happy Birthday, a video of a friend’s new puppy, or your nephew on stage with his junior high school choir is great.  However, when it’s your brand on the line, it’s important to use professional production equipment and staff.  At In Depth Events, we specialize in making video specifically for social promotion – all within your budget.  We won’t sacrifice the quality of your brand for finances!

Interview format videos worked great for the event at the University of Houston.  Other types of events may need other video styles.  Vendors and other clients may have completely different needs.  In any case, our experts are here to help.  Contact us today and let us know the scope of your project.  We look forward to hearing from you, and working with you!