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Choosing the Right Marketing Campaign Production Vendor


How important is the marketing campaign production vendor? A touring marketing campaign can be made or broken depending on the choices the marketing firm makes in the planning and during the entire run of the campaign.   In today’s live event and experiential touring campaigns, production rental is a huge part of the event.  Choosing the right vendor for audio, lighting, video and staging rentals can make (or break) your activation.  The number one key element for a smooth running program is having the right production support.

Production elements such as sound system needs, LED Video Walls and décor lighting – can make or break your touring campaign.  You are literally moving a footprint from one side of the country to the other with pitfalls waiting for you at every turn.  It sounds daunting, doesn’t it?   Why would any sane person even attempt this Barnum and Bailey circus?

Get the attention your brand deserves – engage the consumer!

Simply put – it’s the most effective way to communicate a brand to the consumer.  Live event marketing allows a company to communicate directly to the consumer in a one on one dialogue.  This has far more impact than a radio ad, print ad or billboard.  Consumers want to feel special and unique – not just a number in an overpopulated society trying to step over each other to get noticed.  To get this attention, you’ve got to have a marketing campaign production vendor providing the technical requirements that make a live event possible.  None of this could be possible without the right production support.

In Depth Events to the rescue!  With over 10 years of experience as a marketing campaign production vendor, we know how to get the circus from point A to point B in the most effective and efficient way possible while having your campaign stand out from the crowd.  You have enough to worry about.  Leave the logistics to In Depth Events and sit back and enjoy the show while clients rave about how well the campaign is running.  Staging, lighting, audio and promo vehicles are just a few elements we do best.  You can’t have a successful campaign when you can’t communicate to your target audience.  They need to be able to hear, see and experience the brand in a seamless fashion so they walk away with an experience they’ll remember for a lifetime. Get the right production support and take your marketing campaign to the next level.

Hopefully this blog has been informative for our event planner clients! For more information on In Depth Events and our event production capabilities, please Ask Us a Question today. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you on your event!

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Experiential Marketing – Cost Effectiveness for your Brand

Quality Interaction with Potential Consumers

In this day and age of media bombardment, one on one interaction is becoming increasingly more essential to get your product or service in front of consumers. As the consumer interacts with a real person in a branded setting, the consumer gets the opportunity to ‘touch and feel’ – which increases brand loyalty. The need for this type of quality interaction has never been more important than it is today.

The average attention span in 2012 was 8 seconds. I’m sure it’s gone down this year. Companies need to get in front of consumers. What is the best way to accomplish that? In my opinion, it’s Experiential Marketing – creating a memorable experience for the consumer in a short window. The days of billboards being effective as they once were are gone. Radio and TV ads are not even remotely as effective as they once were. Where does a company go to truly affect their bottom line instantaneously? Experiential Marketing, along with social media, can support a brand like no other marketing strategy.

Cost effectiveness is one of the first thing companies look for when sourcing ways to promote and Experiential Marketing comes in at far less than ‘traditional’ marketing. According to On Board Experiential Marketing; the average cost per impression was $.04 compared to $.033 for a national magazine ad and $.19 for prime time TV ads. Clearly Experiential Marketing is the more cost effective way to go while getting in front of the consumer and maximizing that 8 second window.

Choosing your Marketing Firm and your Production Company

Image of Sports Marketing EventHow does one go about securing the right marketing agency? Seek out those with experience, knowledge, and the right production company to support the campaign. Whether you’re looking to promote the latest razor or introduce the newest blockbuster movie, you need a marketing team that will work with you from start to finish. You must check references and do your due diligence when sourcing a marketing firm. How long have they been in business and what campaigns have they worked on in the past? These are just two of the crucial elements in selecting the right agency for you.

Having the proper production support, including the audio system, staging needs, and generator rentals is critical to making any marketing campaign work. The staff at In Depth Events has been doing this for awhile and know their stuff. Based in the great state of Texas with a logistics team that goes all over the nation, the good people at In Depth Events have been supporting events and marketing campaigns for years – proving that they’re among the best at what they do with state of the art components.

At the end of the day, an Experiential Marketing campaign, coupled with the resources of a top notch Marketing Firm and Production Company will help market and promote your next hot product or service for the best return on investment. Sit back and see the impact on your bottom line.

Hopefully this blog has been informative for our event planner clients! For more information on In Depth Events and our event production capabilities, please Ask Us a Question today. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you on your event!