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Image of Verizon FiOS-Fest

Experiences In Live Event Marketing:Verizon FIOS FEST!

FIOS FEST Rolls out across the US As a live event marketing professional, I’ve been honored to be a part of some amazing live event marketing campaigns. When Verizon began to enable FIOS in the major US markets, I was selected to be a part the live event marketing group ...
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Live Event Marketing at Cowboys Stadium

Tips and Tricks for Stepping Up in the Live Event Marketing Game

In the business of live event marketing, the key is reaching the most people as effectively as possible. Live events continue to evolve each year, incorporating more and more social media elements along with keeping the things that worked in the past. How can you step up your event game ...
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Image of Marketing Event Activation on College Campus

Choosing the Right Marketing Campaign Production Vendor

How important is the marketing campaign production vendor? A touring marketing campaign can be made or broken depending on the choices the marketing firm makes in the planning and during the entire run of the campaign.   In today’s live event and experiential touring campaigns, production rental is a huge part ...
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Image of Experiential Events

Experiential Marketing – Cost Effectiveness for your Brand

Quality Interaction with Potential Consumers In this day and age of media bombardment, one on one interaction is becoming increasingly more essential to get your product or service in front of consumers. As the consumer interacts with a real person in a branded setting, the consumer gets the opportunity to ...
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Image of Outdoor LED Dance Floor

Using an Outdoor LED Dance Floor Rental as a Centerpiece for Live Event Activations

Have you ever needed a central, focused location for an outdoor activation?  An area in the middle of your event that really brings attention to what is happening without worrying about distractions?  A bold, lit area that immediately draws your attendees to the area that you want focused on? Consider ...
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Image of Outdoor LED Video Screens

Choosing a Production Company to Provide Outdoor Support for LED Video Screens

So, you’re sitting at home, relaxing, and suddenly the light you are sitting under begins to flicker on and off and the wonderful smell of burning insulation assaults your nostrils. What do you do? Find your handy wire cutters and start snipping away? Get a glass of water and put ...
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