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Image of Sports Marketing Events

Sporting Events and Sports Event Marketing… Finding YOUR fans!

Sports Event Marketing at Your Next Event Sports are everywhere – all the time.  So many television stations with so many commentators.  There is truly a fascination with all types of contests.  This time of year gives us the top 3 United States competitions all at once and keeps me ...
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Image of Holiday Event Lighting at Exxon Mobil Headquarters

The Holiday Season and Live Events – The Perfect Marketing Match

The Holidays are here folks – whether you are ready or not! That means holiday themed live events across the country will be taking place to capitalize on the perfect marketing opportunity. Like aged cheese and vintage wine, the holidays and live events go extremely well together. It’s All About ...
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Image of U.S. Flag during Patriotic Events

Stage and Production Rental Services for Patriotic Events

At In Depth Events, we love doing outdoor festivals – and we’ve done hundreds of them, all over the country.  However, some of our favorite types of events are patriotic events and festivals. Providing the best stage and rooftop system for your patriotic event As I am writing this, I ...
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Image of Live Event Glow Events

Live Event Marketing is Glowing in the Dark

How our Production Crew Turns a Live Event into a Glowing Marketing Extravaganza! Understanding what events work and which never live up to the hype takes walking a very fine line. Now, more than ever, our live event marketing industry is looking for new, unique and innovative ways to get ...
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Image of Stage and Roof Systems for Live Events

Using Stage and Roof Systems for Your Event: A Guide for Event Planners

At In Depth Events, we’ve built hundreds of rooftops for outdoor events.  Whether your event is using a load bearing stage and roof system or a non load bearing stage and roof system (also called a genie roof, or a shade roof), the basic rules that apply to safety and ...
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Image of Outdoor Festival

Selecting the Best Production Vendor for Your Outdoor Festivals

If you’re throwing outdoor festivals, then choosing the right production vendor is the single biggest decision you’ll make towards the success of your event.  Take a look below to see a few tips on finding the right production vendor for staging rental, audio rental, and lighting rental for your outdoor ...
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