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Sporting Events and Sports Event Marketing… Finding YOUR fans!

Sports Event Marketing at Your Next Event

Sports are everywhere – all the time.  So many television stations with so many commentators.  There is truly a fascination with all types of contests.  This time of year gives us the top 3 United States competitions all at once and keeps me glued to my set as often as possible.  The NFL, NBA and NHL keep the sports enthusiast quenched and at times overwhelmed trying to keep up with all the highlights.  From individual games to tailgate parties, there is always one underlying element that seems to draw in the average and avid fan alike:  The live event aspect.

Image of Sporting Event RentalThere is nothing like going to a game and being in the thick of the action and excitement.  Sure, you can stay at home and watch your favorite team from the comfort of your couch with all the convenience and none of the headaches.  Why leave your humble abode to brave the elements of weather, unruly patrons, and outrageously priced concessions?  The answer is: for the the thrill of the live event!  We all crave bigger and better experiences where the enhancement is worth the risk and cost.  We want to be part of something that is bigger than ourselves and sports event marketing creates that feeling.

Setting up a stage and seeing a live band perform in the parking lot outside the stadium pumps up even the most understated fan and gets him or her ready for the battle that is about to ensue.   The warm up before the main event has been going on for centuries; from the Roman days to present.  Live events fuel sporting events at every level.  Sports Marketing agencies have been coming up with strategies to capture the consumer from before, after, and during the game with giveaways, contests, or just plain old sampling campaigns.  The more elaborate, the better as companies seek out opportunities to market to their target consumer.  Interactive semi- trucks are positioned in parking lots of sporting venues to give fans the opportunity to experience a product or service like never before.  From telecom services to Kielbasa culinary creations, sports event marketing firms are there to capture the attention of the crowd.

Expand beyond the stadium and bring your consumers to where YOU are

Image of Experiential EventsEvery game is another opportunity to reach the masses and the most successful Sports Marketing firms have to wow them to get their attention.  Live event activity makes that happen and brings the rubber to the artificial turf.  Live bands and half time shows from all star games to the championship finals all need the wind beneath their wings.  All marketing agencies commit penalties to try to get a spot at these opportunities and are willing to negotiate aggressively to get in the fray.  Live event production companies such as In Depth Events are the backbone in keeping this tradition going and thriving – never wavering in their commitment to execute a flawless experience for the client and the consumer.

You can find our team of production experts at most major sporting events – and not just around the stadium!  When a major sporting event comes to town, the opportunities to get one-on-one with consumers are almost limitless.  New York will be filled to the brim with large corporations doing private events for their most valued customers at many venues all over the city.  The NBA All-Star Jam will have basketball themed interactive displays all over New Orleans and all sponsored by major shoe and clothing manufacturers. Austin will be doing double duty this year with SXSW in March and the X-Games in June – which means Auditorium Shores will see huge amounts of traffic and people from all over the world will be enjoying the overall “Keep Austin Weird” vibe.  In all of these cities, stages, audio systems, lighting rigs and bands will arrive days before the final event to attract consumers to brands.

So the next time you’re at an arena or coliseum, look around!  Enjoy the experience in the hosting city, and allow yourself to be enveloped by the sports event marketing that continues to compete for your attention and at times rivals the sporting event itself.  Fight on my fellow experiential enthusiasts!

I hope this blog has been informative for our event planner clients! For more information on In Depth Events and our event production capabilities, please Ask Us a Question today. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you on your event!