How can I take my Non-Profit Auction Online?

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When running a non-profit, you typically have fundraisers or auctions to raise funds for your cause. Now with new closures and restrictions in place, that task is a whole lot harder. So the real question is, can you still raise money for your non-profit by hosting a virtual non-profit event or a virtual auction? The good news is you absolutely can successfully raise money, without hosting an in-person event. While there are challenges to moving towards a virtual model, it can and will be successful if you do it the right way. 

What types of virtual events work for a non-profit? 


There are a few models you can use when hosting a virtual event or fundraiser. You can have a pre-recorded video that is edited and host the video as if it were live. Pre-recorded videos give you the freedom to monitor comments, donations, and bids (for auctions).  

You also have the option to host a fundraiser live. Live-streaming requires more technical support and creativity. Are you live streaming from multiple places? Are you having guest speakers from all over the country? You can host a live-streamed event from various locations, but this requires more planning and equipment. The benefits of live-streaming is creating a more personal experience, but you do run the risk of technical difficulties or hang-ups in the streaming functionality. 

Your third option is to launch a video marketing campaign. A video campaign gives you the ability to raise awareness for your cause and have multiple revenue streams like email sign-ups and online donations. You can also set up a donation page linked to your videos. This is a more comfortable option if you don't want a virtual event. However, this option also requires some marketing know-how and the right production services for success. 

Which virtual option should I choose?


This decision is based wholly on what makes the most sense for your non-profit and your budget. No matter which option you choose, you will need video production services, some equipment, and technical support. Our team of experienced professionals has been helping all types of businesses, and non-profits get started with virtual events. Regardless of the option you choose, we can help you with; 

Do I need equipment and production services? 


Yes! Even though things are moving to a virtual model, you still want to offer a high-quality experience. You want to appear professional and put together. There is no room for technical difficulties or low-quality backgrounds. It would also help if you had quality video streaming and maybe even a stage set up. If you are trying to raise money, you still need to put in the same effort you would for an in-person event.

What are the benefits to a virtual auction or fundraiser? 


Think about it this way; you don't have to spend money on food or seating. You can focus your budget on raising awareness, promoting your fundraiser, and hiring qualified experts to make sure things go smoothly. You can reach more people, increase your digital marketing efforts, and have more control over the outcomes. 

Virtual events can seem a little scary at first, but with the right team in place, you can easily exceed your fundraising goals. 

So what's next for my virtual event?


You might have some questions or concerns, and our team is here to help you out. We can help you find the best event model for your non-profit and support your fundraising goals on your budget. 

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