GMR Miller Lite Lounge @ Butler Park, SXSW 2014

Miller Lite was ALL OVER this year’s SXSW. First, they brought back the Original Lite Can, blanketed every form of mass media and digital communication, and if that wasn’t enough, they decided that they just HAD to be the top level Super Sponsorship Partner for the ENTIRE Event. So, when our friends at GMR Marketing asked us to help them create something “big” for SXSW, we were a little surprised when we found out just how “BIG” they were thinking.

The Miller Lite Deck at Butler Park was simply MASSIVE. Not only was it the biggest sponsorship footprint, it was about twice the size of the Main Stage. With a commanding view of the main stage and festival grounds, this 100′ wide x 40′ deep concert lounge was complete with 60′ LED TVs, mobile device charging stations, lounge furniture, and professional stage lighting and truss.  Most importantly, the lounge had something the Main Stage didn’t: Ice Cold Miller Lite; lots of it.

You could say the folks at MillerCoors went “all in” at this year’s SXSW and we were happy to be a part of one of the largest product activations in SXSW’s 27 year history.  The Miller Lite Deck was one of the most visited and talked about promotions in Butler Park. With great sponsorship comes great exposure.  Contact our experts at Production Experience, and find out how we can provide these services to your clients!

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