Commencement Event Updates for 2020 and beyond

It's been one heck of a year for Texas educators, from online learning to social distancing and all of the changes in-between. As we move forward through the COVID landscape, you might be wondering how commencement events will look for the coming year and beyond.

If you are planning and preparing for this year's commencement events, we are happy to help. The good news is we have plenty of time to plan and design a fantastic commencement event for your students and parents. We are closely monitoring Governor Abbott's updates on Texas commencements so you can stay informed and keep your students safe.

Social distancing is still in place for commencement ceremonies


How will commencement events look for 2021?

That's a good question. So far, the recommendations and guidelines require that commencement ceremonies be held outside. This allows for social distancing, but we see some schools allow for pods. Pods are just groups with the student and family members in them only. 

There will most likely be limits on the number of tickets available to allow for enough space and ensure that social distancing best practices are followed. 

To have a successful outdoor event, you will; want to consider adding these rentals to your event. 

Our team has prepared for these changes, so we are ready to help you with your commencement event. We suggest you book early to get a head start and secure your rentals and our technicians for your next commencement event. 

Live streaming is here to stay

Live streaming is one element of commencement events that is here to stay. Live streaming is a great way to allow family members and friends from other states or who cannot travel to be at the ceremony virtually. There is no downside to live streaming as long as you have the right team ensuring there are no unwanted comments or technical difficulties while streaming. This is an excellent way to social distance but still allow other family members to feel involved. 

Why should you hire In Depth Events? 

Look, we know that not every school has the right set up to live stream or run an outdoor event. We have experience with complicated connectivity and can get you up and running with high-quality equipment rentals and an experienced team to run it all for you. We even handle the social media component for you. We want you to focus on the graduates and not the technical setups. 

What are the next steps? 

Whether you have the latest audio system or need a full set up, we are here to help you. Contact our team today to schedule a no-cost call. We know there is still a lot of uncertainty around 2021 events. 

We are watching developments closely to see how COVID and the calls for social distancing will affect indoor and outdoor commencements. We are dedicated to our clients and ensuring schools comply and provide safe events for their students!