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In Depth Events is joining the party at NACA in Little Rock on October 19-21! Schedule an appointment or drop by to see us at our booth when you’re in the mood for some event excellence. See you there!

“In the whirlwind world of event management, In Depth Events, with over 25 years of experience, has joined forces with the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA). This team-up promises some seriously epic events."

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Whether you need help with planning, production, virtual meetings, equipment rentals, or more, In Depth Events has got you covered. They're pros at making events awesome, no matter if they're in-person, online, or a mix of both.

Teaming Up with NACA

In Depth Events, a leading event management and production company, has recently announced their collaboration with the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA). NACA is all about helping campus event planners succeed. By teaming up with In Depth Events, they're adding a whole bunch of cool event services and know-how to their arsenal.

Why You Should Care

This partnership is like a power-up for event organizers. You get access to cutting-edge services and a huge network, thanks to In Depth Events and NACA. Together, they'll help you create unforgettable events that people will be talking about for ages.

Get Ready for Awesome Events

In Depth Events and NACA bring a ton of experience and a shared passion for making events rock. Whether you're planning something live, virtual, or a bit of both, teaming up with them will make your event shine. Reach out to In Depth Events for a free consultation and start cooking up some epic plans with this awesome partnership.

Texas Commencement Update 2022

What will commencements look like in 2022?

We are so grateful that the 2021-2022 school year has been back to “normal” for the most part. Seniors all over the country are ready to celebrate their accomplishments and receive their diploma. It’s a marked change from the 2020 commencement season, where lots of schools were forced to cancel commencements altogether.

In May of 2021, in the wake of mask mandates and capacity restrictions for indoor venues, most ISD’s and collegiate ceremonies moved outdoors.  ISD’s that had football stadiums found themselves using their facilities to create outdoor commencement spaces and events, with social distancing being the glue that held the event together.

Outdoor commencement ceremonies are still taking the lead in 2022.  The CDC has recommended mask use, even in outdoor environments.  The CDC is also recommending social distancing in seating and in common areas.  At In Depth Events, we are noticing that social distancing seating is still a factor in the wake of the Omicron variant.  Safety is on everyone’s mind, and it’s important to create an environment to have your loved ones there to experience this moment of individual recognition together while still maintaining a level of safety and security for attendees and graduates.

Seating Examples (click for full sized)

Social Distancing Seating for Commencements

In 2021, In Depth helped our clients to pioneer options for social distancing seating on the field for graduates and their families.  While some clients opted for 10’ distancing, most clients opted for 6’ distancing on the field.

Our favorite seating arrangement was a design that allowed a 1+4 seating configuration – the graduate is provided a chair, and four chairs were placed behind him or her for immediate family members.  Friends and other family members were allowed to sit GA in the stands.  This allowed the closest and most supportive people to actually be on the field with their graduates and made for a much more interactive experience for graduates and their families.

Virtual Events and Live Streaming of Commencements

What we have learned more than anything else in the past two years is that live streaming is here to stay.  Families have quickly gotten used to the convenience of watching their graduate walk across the stage.  Our analytics data have shown family members from all over the world watching in real time as their graduate received their diploma.  Adding chat features allows viewers to be able to interact with the stream.

Although this technology has been available for years, it’s only in the wake of COVID that the average person is familiar enough logging on with their mobile device or computer and watching in real time.  People have their favorite streaming platforms, and In Depth can offer multiple streams at the same time for users on YouTube, Facebook, and other streaming platforms.  Our experienced technicians and state of the art video equipment allows for a trouble-free viewing experience for families all over the world.

Providing rental equipment for outdoor commencements

Most ISDs and colleges don’t have the equipment in house to produce an outdoor graduation ceremony.  Never fear!  For decades, In Depth Events, Inc. has been an industry leader in commencements, and we are proud to use the latest technology and equipment for our commencement clients.

We provide staging and crystal-clear audio to your live attendees, presenters, and graduates.   We also provide the video and streaming equipment to provide live streaming services for our ISD and collegiate commencement clients.  Any other production needs – just ask!  We provide generators, lighting, and even confetti cannons for our commencement clients looking to spice up their ceremony.

Please contact us with questions about your next commencement.  We look forward to hearing from you, and working with you and your staff to create the perfect commencement event.

2021 Commencement Updates

We are quickly moving into the 2021 commencement season for both colleges and high schools. Since the start of Covid-19, we have worked hard to follow all recent and developing guidelines for graduation ceremonies to help our clients navigate their events efficiently. 

As we move into this year's commencement ceremonies, here are the top trends and requirements you will need to follow closely to have a graduation ceremony in 2021 successfully. As always, our team is here to help you navigate these changes with ease. We are fully equipped to support the new guidelines and recommendations for 2021 commencement ceremonies. You can contact our team here to learn more and secure your space for event management.  

Outdoor commencement ceremonies 

In order to safely social distance and meet the CDC suggestions, outdoor ceremonies will take the lead for 2021. This requires a unique approach to handle outdoor audio, staging, seating, and video needs. Our team is prepared to help you implement these changes with our high-quality equipment and trained technicians. While some events will be entirely outdoors, some also have a hybrid component, which you can read about below. 

Hybrid graduation ceremonies 

Hybrid graduation ceremonies have both an in-person and virtual component to them. Typically, students will be able to graduate (outdoors), and loved ones will be able to stream the event from home, through their computers, or other smart devices. This option is great to help with social distancing and allows family members from all over the USA to watch the event from their homes' safety and comfort.

Hybrid events do require the right audio, video, and live streaming set up, but our team has everything you need to have a hybrid commencement ceremony successfully. Keep reading to learn more about live streaming and how it can elevate your student's commencement event. 

Live streaming 

So what exactly is live streaming? To put it simply, live video streaming allows you to record an event as it is happening and send the live feed to a location of your choice (social media, streaming platform, etc.) In order to successfully live stream an event, you will need;

  • High-quality audio
  • Video capabilities
  • Streaming capabilities
  • High-quality video 
  • The ability to pre-record and edit if needed


What are the next steps? 

While these requirements might sound a little overwhelming, we are happy to help you. Our team of fully trained experts and our 25 years of experience allow us to provide high-quality event services for our clients. We have your equipment, video, event management, and event needs covered, so contact our team today to schedule a no-cost call and let's get your event moving forward. 

Click Here to download a PDF version of this video presentation. 


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In Depth Events and the Winter Wedding Wonderland

Spring and summer weddings are great, but have you or your bride considered a winter wedding reception or party? During the winter months, the weather can be more stable (and cooler) than summer months; family members are more likely to get time off, and it's easier to book vendors. If you do it right, winter weddings can be spectacular and unforgettable. In December of 2020, we did a winter wedding event for an amazing bride, and the results were absolutely breathtaking.

Our December bride was fortunate to have grown up in a suburban home with a stunning backyard, including a custom deck, swimming pool, treehouse, and a breathtaking natural lawn  that slopes down to a creek on the edge of their property.  Her dream was a backyard wedding reception in the home she loved growing up in.  Our task was to build a level structure into the yard with a clear top tent that would accentuate the natural beauty of the space.  In addition, we were asked to use lighting to accentuate the Holiday feel.  By tying in a black and white dance floor, power rentals, executive restrooms, and heaters, we were able to plan a reception that would accent the space instead of overpowering it.

Peerless Tents and Events was an invaluable vendor for the event.  The clear tent structure, banquet tables, garden chairs, custom bars, and all linens were all a part of the planning.  In addition to tent/table/chair/linens, Peerless showcased items from their furniture rental catalog for the lawn area.  This provided the finishing touch in the planning for this distinctive area of the event. The installation of the custom, load bearing deck was a three day build.  Along with the deck, In Depth Events provided a custom curved edge to match the elevation of the pool deck, and a custom step unit to access the lawn and treehouse.  Building the structure had to be structurally sound, as over 140 guests were going to be seated on the deck for a plated dinner!

In Depth Events crews worked for another three days to bring in the lighting, decor items, dance floor, heaters, power, bars, tables, and chairs.  All items had to be hand carried into the event space.  Sunup to sundown over the six day build, the event began to take shape.  The night of the event, guests began to arrive, and all were completely blown away by the amazing layout that our client planned and we executed.  The food provided by Wendy Krispin catering was delicious, the atmosphere was phenomenal, and the compliments to the wedding couple and family flowed like water.

caret-down caret-up caret-left caret-right

"This was my dream wedding, and In Depth Events made it possible! They were professional, creative, and masters at bringing my vision to life. I am SOOOOO happy with how everything turned out and highly recommended you hire them for your wedding!"

Gracie B Dallas, TX

We have to agree with Gracie that her wedding was spectacular, and we are proud that we got to be a part of it and contribute to bringing her magical day to life. If you are considering a winter wedding, here are some things you need to know when planning.

What do I need to know about having a winter wedding?

If you are planning a winter wedding, here are some things to think about:

  • Heaters are a must have. Electric or LP (top hat) heaters should be the go-to. Avoid glass heaters. They are pretty but don’t project much heat.
  • The sun sets earlier in the winter. Work with your photographer for the best timing on natural light, and hire experts like In Depth Events to handle your *LED and decor lighting.
  • With any outdoor wedding or wedding reception in a residential space, consider the limitations of the house, especially in regard to power and restrooms. You will need a generator for power for decor lighting, band needs and catering needs. You will need to bring in executive restrooms for your guests.
  • Consider warm and hearty foods for catering. Think hot soups, hot appetizers, and make sure to include coffee and cocoa in your bars. A signature warm cocktail is great too!
  • Lighting should be warm as it will make your guests feel warm. Avoid cool blue, and instead, use warm white, yellows, and reds for decor and uplighting. *Don't forget that bulb stringers and christmas lights need to be warm white too!
  • Advise your guests that the event will be outdoors on the invitation. Suggest that they dress appropriately. It never hurts to have throws, scarfs, or shawls on hand for older guests.

How can In Depth Events help with my winter wedding?

First off, we should mention that we LOVE winter weddings and wedding receptions.  Our warehouse has everything you need for a magical event. We handle everything from custom tents, swimming pool covers, event heating and cooling, generators, lighting, audio, and vendor recommendations.

We have over 25 years of experience, which comes in handy for complex events, like winter weddings. Winter weddings do require different rentals and custom builds to ensure things go smoothly, and your guests are safe and comfortable. If you are ready to plan a winter wonderland wedding or wedding reception, contact our team today.  We can't wait to bring your vision to life as we did for Gracie and her family!