70×50 Monster Load Bearing Rooftop

Our 70'x50' concert stage and rooftop system is one of the largest in the United States available for rental.   This rooftop is significantly larger than it's nearest mobile competitor, the Stageline SAM555 and SAM575. Configured as a 12 tower system, it measures over 150' from downstage stage left to downstage stage right.  

In addition to our concert rooftops, we also provide audio, lighting, video, generator, and power distribution rentals. Don’t forget about our event management and social media services as well – guaranteed to increase engagement for your event. Now – lets talk about this load bearing stage and rooftop structure!

The 70'x50' stage and rooftop system

We call our 70'x50' concert stage and self erecting rooftop system "The Monster".  There are only a handful of live event production companies in the United States with a rooftop the size of this motor driven rooftop, and we are the only company in the United States that can configure it into a 12 tower structure with dual gabled boxed in flybays, and dual gabled flat bays.   This gabled rooftop structure is only used for the largest concerts and festivals in the United States.  It's also one of the most flexible rooftop systems when it comes to banner placements, and the most flexible in stage layouts as well.

This self erecting, motorized concert rooftop system is used for crowds of 25,000 people and up.  With video and audio delays, it can be used for a nearly unlimited amount of people.  It has a true midstage truss, in addition to available fly points on downstage and upstage perimeters.  Finally, this self erecting stage and rooftop system has fly points on 10' centers inside the ribbing of the structure.  The Bil-Jax staging can be configured for loading docks, ramps, monitors wings, and several other configurations as needed by artists and promoters.  This concert stage and motorized rooftop can withstand winds up to 50 MPH, and moderate to heavy rainfall.

Rooftop safety, and the uses of mobile stages versus rooftop systems

At In Depth Events, we use both mobile hydraulic stages and motor driven modular stages for our clients events.  Every show is different, and there are opportunities for both types of stages depending on a variety of factors.  No matter what type of stage and rooftop system a client decides on, it's our job to make sure that the event attendees and talent are safe under our structures.  The good news is that, as long as the stage and rooftop systems chosen by the client are deployed properly, both types of stage systems are completely safe to use.

Mobile stages can be limited in banner placement and stage configuration, but that's a trade-off clients are willing to make in venues where timing is a factor.  However, self erecting stage and rooftop systems like our 70'x40' can be more financially feasible that our mobile counterparts, especially for multi-day festivals and concerts.  In addition, venues with sensitive turf or difficult accessibility can benefit from our concert stage and rooftop systems.  

Please see below for our image gallery of our monster 70'x50' self climbing stage and rooftop system. Or, you can Ask Us a Question to find out more about our concert roof system rentals.  Our friendly event professionals can help you with your needs anywhere in the United States.  We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!


72'x52' stage with 74'x 48' deep gabled rooftop structure

Options: Flybays, Extended flybays (for video) and several staging options

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