60×40 Load Bearing Rooftop

Our TOMCAT 60'x40' concert stage and rooftop system is one of the largest and safest rental concert roof systems available today.  This rooftop is larger than it's nearest mobile competitor, the Stageline SAM555 and SAM575.

In addition to our concert rooftops, we also provide audio, lighting, video, generator, and power distribution rentals. Don’t forget about our event management and social media services as well – guaranteed to increase engagement for your event. Now – lets talk about this load bearing stage and rooftop structure!

Our TOMCAT 60'x40' self climbing stage and rooftop system

When it comes to motorized stage and rooftop systems, the TOMCAT 60'x40' is the 'holy grail' for larger concerts and outdoor festivals.  Only a few production companies have the capability to own and maintain a rooftop structure of this size and type.  Luckily - you've found one with In Depth Events!  This self climbing concert stage and rooftop size is used for larger, multi day concerts and festivals such as State Fairs, larger municipal event (including symphonic events), and large concert festivals involving multiple national acts.

This load bearing stage and rooftop system offers true midstage fly points, as well as upstage and downstage points.  It's made specifically by TOMCAT engineers to handle the loads needed for large video walls, large flown lighting grids, and flown PA.  The Bil-Jax staging system we use allows for multiple configurations, including loading docks, monitor wings, stage thrusts, and various ramps and risers as needed.  This concert stage and rooftop system is used in venues expecting 15,000 to 20,000 people.  This concert stage and motorized rooftop can withstand winds up to 90 MPH, and can withstand moderate to heavy rainfall.  

Safety and the uses of TOMCAT and Stageline rooftop systems

The two most common names in covered stage rentals are TOMCAT and Stageline.  TOMCAT is an engineering firm that designs and builds modular and self erecting rooftop structures for temporary and permanent uses all over the world.  Stageline, based in Canada, is a company that designs and builds mobile stages.  Each type of stage has it's advantages and disadvantages, and the staff at In Depth Events is well-versed in the use of both mobile stage rentals and self climbing modular rooftops.

Mobile stages work well in environments where timing is a factor - for instance; a street closing, or a large parking lot that has been sold directly before or after your concert dates.  However, if timing is not a factor, than your best bet is to go with a modular stage and rooftop structure, like our TOMCAT 60'x40' stage and rooftop system.  This concert rooftop is more budget friendly than our mobile contemporaries, especially for multi-day events.  The TOMCAT motorized rooftop also has the advantage of being able to be used in environments with sensitive turf, such as city parks, football, or soccer fields.

Please see below for our image gallery (and video!) of our TOMCAT 60'x40' self climbing stage and rooftop system. Or, you can Ask Us a Question to find out more about our concert roof system rentals.  Our friendly event professionals can help you with your needs anywhere in the United States.  We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!


60'x40' stage with 47' wide x 47' deep gabled rooftop structure

Options: Flybays, Extended flybays (for video) and several staging options

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