40×40 Load Bearing Rooftop

Thanks for visiting our page highlighting our 40'x40' load bearing rooftop. Our 40'x40' roof system is comparable to (but slightly larger than) the Stageline SL320.

In addition to our concert rooftops, we also provide audio, lighting, video, generator, and power distribution rentals. Don’t forget about our event planning and social media services as well – guaranteed to increase engagement for your event. Now – lets talk about this load bearing stage and rooftop structure!

Our 40'x40' self climbing stage and rooftop system

The 40'x40' stage and rooftop size is probably the most common size for outdoor stages and self climbing concert roof systems in the world.  TOMCAT, Thomas, and XSF are the most common manufacturers of 40'x40' modular roof structures, and of course, Stageline and Apex make mobile, hydraulic stage versions of this rooftop size.    This classic size concert stage and rooftop system is used for midsize concerts and festivals, municipal events, House of Worship events, and symphonic events.  It's also the typically the smallest motorized rooftop acceptable for national touring acts.  

Unlike a mobile stage, this self erecting stage and rooftop system has multiple options for banner hangs, including our gabled teaser banner.  This stage and roof system can also be used with extended flybays for video wall hangs on stage left and stage right of the structure.   The stage can also be configured in multiple ways, with loading docks, monitor wings, and stage thrusts all configurable using our Bil-Jax staging system.  This concert stage and rooftop system is used for crowds of 7500 to 15,000 people.  It's rated for 50 MPH sustained winds, and can be used in moderate to heavy rainfall.

Mobile stages and rooftop systems: suggested use and concert safety

There are two types of rental covered stages available today - Hydraulic mobile stages, and self erecting modular stages.  Both are safe as long as they are deployed correctly.  At In Depth Events, our technicians are well-trained in safety procedures for both types of outdoor stage rentals.  However, each type of stage has it's advantages and disadvantages.

As discussed, our modular 40'x40' stage and rooftop system is typically more flexible in terms of banner hangs and video wall hangs than our mobile counterparts.  It can also be configured with more options on the stage than a mobile.  However, venues with sensitive turf or accessibility issues is where our concert rooftop systems are used most frequently.  A baseball, football, or soccer field (especially ones with artificial turf) can be problematic for mobile units like the SL320.  In addition, our 40'x40' stage and rooftop systems can be financially attractive, especially over a multi day concert or festival.

Please see below for our image gallery (and video!) of our 40'x40' self climbing stage and rooftop system. Or, you can Ask Us a Question to find out more about our concert roof system rentals.  Our friendly event professionals can help you with your needs anywhere in the United States.  We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!


40'x40' stage with 47' wide x 47' deep gabled rooftop structure

Options: Flybays, Extended flybays (for video) and several staging options

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40x40 Load Bearing Rooftop

40x40 Load Bearing Rooftop