40×32 Load Bearing Rooftop

Thanks for visiting our page highlighting our 40'x32' load bearing rooftop. Our 40'x32' roof system is larger than a Stageline SL250 and SL260, but not quite as big as the SL320.

In addition to our concert rooftops, we also provide audio, lighting, video, generator, and power distribution rentals. Don’t forget about our event management and social media services as well – guaranteed to increase engagement for your event. Now – lets talk about this load bearing stage and rooftop structure!

Our 40'x32' self climbing stage and rooftop system

The 40'x32' stage and rooftop is a great mid-sized stage and rooftop that most of our competitors don't have.  It's shortened depth makes it perfect for EDM and Hip-Hop events, as these types of events don't require a full stage for large bands.  It also works well in environments with limited audience space, and we've had a lot of success using this self erecting rooftop system in indoor as well as outdoor environments.  It's a very versatile, flexible load bearing roof and stage system for collegiate events, EDM festivals and concerts, and larger fundraisers.  

In addition, upstage video walls look great on this structure, because they are 8' closer to the audience viewing area than they would be on a 40'x40' load bearing rooftop, and with less sightline issues from audience left and right.  This motor driven, modular rooftop is used for crowds of 5000-7500 people, and can hold large lighting rigs and banner hangs, in addition to the video walls we've already mentioned.  Flown audio is also possible with the addition of flybays.  It can withstand windspeeds of up to 50 MPH, and moderate to heavy rainfall.

Using self erecting rooftop systems on sensitive outdoor turf

Mobile stages manufactured by Stageline and Apex are relative newcomers to the outdoor festival industry, and at In Depth Events, we use them for many applications.  But don't worry - the modular, self erecting rooftop like our 40'x32' still has a place in the industry.  Many events will find a load bearing stage and rooftop  financially superior to using a mobile stage, especially for multi-day events.  However, where our stage and rooftop systems really shine is in venues with sensitive turf.

Venues such as football fields, baseball fields, and other sporting venues love our modular stage and rooftop systems because the weight of our units is far more evenly distributed that a Stageline unit.  In addition, areas that are not accessible to a 53' semi can't use a mobile stage.  Areas with have excessive grades can't be used with a mobile stage.  In short, our 40'x32' stage and rooftop system is the most flexible stage and rooftop system in our fleet, with the capability of being placed in areas that mobile stages can't.  You'll also find that our stage and rooftops systems are just as safe as our mobile contemporaries - and our technicians are rigorously trained on rooftop safety.

Please see below for our gallery of this 40'x32' self climbing stage and rooftop system. Or, you can Ask Us a Question to find out more about our concert roof system rentals.  Our friendly event professionals can help you with your needs anywhere in the United States.  We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!

Specifications:  40'x32' stage with 47'x36' gabled rooftop

Options: Flybays, staging wings

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40x32 Load Bearing Rooftop

40x32 Load-Bearing Rooftop