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At College Glow Parties, our group of event professionals are like the astronauts in the International Party Station. The Party Vikings. The Party Knights of the Round Table. We want to promote you to the Captain of your college’s Party Fire Department. And, we promise, you won’t need no water.

How much are Glow Parties?  The good news is – partying like a Rock Star doesn’t require rock star funding.  A basic party starts at around $5,000.  Most of our college glow parties run somewhere in the $15,000 range.  Of course, we’ve done parties that cost $60,000 as well.  It all depends on how many people you are inviting, your venue and the level of party immortality you want to achieve!

First you have to know the lingo, man!

To help begin the party process, we’ve put together a list of the party elements available.  You can mix or match these party flavors to your taste.  Obviously, adding elements will increase the price, while subtracting some will make it easier on your checkbook.  Are you ready?  Then let’s PARTY ON…

  • DJ: The soul of the party is the DJ.  Making sure you have the right DJ for the crowd is #1 on the party checklist.  We can provide name acts or underground DJ’s that will keep the party jumping.
  • Other entertainment:  Looking for Go-Go dancers or aerialists?  What about highlight acts?  We can provide additional entertainment to add the WOW factor for your event.
  • Audio:  Can the sound system trigger earthquake sensors?  Check!  Make sure your event has the right PA for the number of people you are expecting and the venue size.
  • Lighting: Lighting can be the difference between “let’s do that again” and “let’s stay in tonight”.  Budget on lighting can fluctuate based on your usage of LED cans, moving lights, strobes, blacklights or any other number of lighting fixtures.
  • Staging: The literal base of the party.  Staging is used to get your talent up and above the crowd.
  • Cryo jets: Cryo jets are nozzles that are hooked up to CO2 tanks.  When activated, they emit plumes of smoke up to 9’ tall!  These are a great accent piece and are very inexpensive.
  • Confetti: Confetti blowers, or cannons add bursts of tissue that make a huge impact.  Our environmentally friendly, biodegradable confetti can be used in indoor or outdoor environments.
  • Mixed Media Cannons:  Time to bring out the PAINT!  Our mixed media cannons shoot dry or wet media into the crowd.  T-shirts?  Glitter?  Paint?  Water?  It’s all the same to these powerful CO2 driven cannons.
  • Pyro:  Flames?  Fireworks?  Count us in!  Adding pyro is expensive, but totally worth it!  There are very specific rules for pyro – ask our specialists about using it at your party!
  • Lasers:  Nothing looks like lasers – except, of course, lasers.  Adding these beams of light can be expensive and require special permitting for outdoor locations in Texas and Florida.
  • Crowd barricade:  Based on the party, you may need to provide barricade for the safety of attendees and talent.  We’ve got your back!
  • Generators: If your event is outdoors, or an in older venue, power may be an issue.  We can cover power for the stage, as well as distributed power for food or crafts vendors.
  • Venue selection:  Need some help with the perfect venue?  Let our experienced planners help you out!  We know what to look for when it comes to venue selection.
  • General Liability / Workman’s Comp Insurance: It’s a litigious world out there!  Luckily, we have the insurance that your university’s Risk Management department is looking for.

Any questions?  You can Ask Us a Question here for more information.  We look forward to working with you on your event!