All-Inclusive College Glow Parties

Bring in the Experts to Provide Your Students with the College Glow Parties, Paint Parties and Neon Parties That Become Legendary!

Image of Epic College Glow Party - College Event Planners Take Note...

College Glow Parties – Event Planners Take Note

Student Activities Coordinators, Sorority/Fraternity Party Planners and College Event Planners take note – it’s time to provide your students with an EPIC party. A party that lives on in stories people tell freshmen for years to come. A party that establishes your school as the Center of the Party Universe. A party that, if you press your ear to the walls, can still be heard years later. A party that causes earthquakes. A party that can be monitored on radio telescopes in other galaxies. A party that Chuck Norris would go to – but could not defeat.

College Glow Parties is staffed by a group of professionals that create these types of events. Our experts have spanned the nation bringing our brand of all-inclusive madness to college students. Whatever the venue or occasion, our talented staff of planners and technicians make sure that your attendees are immersed in a technicolor explosion of music, lighting and special effects.

How we became the Masters of the Party Galaxy

A College Glow Party Combines Audio, Lighting and Special Effects

A College Glow Party Combines Audio, Lighting and Special Effects

The beginnings of College Glow Parties started with our parent company, In Depth Events. As a full production company, In Depth Events provides audio, lighting, special effects and LED technology for live events. However, the addition of a (slightly) tamer brand of Glow Parties for corporate and family events made us realize our true calling: to be the Undisputed Heavyweight College Glow Party Planners in the Milky Way Galaxy. We achieve and build on our success by providing all-inclusive Event Packages for College Glow Parties, College Paint Parties and College Neon Parties in both indoor and outdoor venues for our clients all over the United States. Our clients are continually blown away by our events, as well as the minimal costs for our events in comparison with other planners.

If you’d like to find out more about our all inclusive services, then Ask Us a Question and let us know how we can bring your college event from matchstick to thermonuclear. Our event professionals are waiting to hear from you – we look forward to working with you and your school!