Motors and Truss Rentals

As we’ve said before, motors and trussing are literally the support that the show is hung from.  At In Depth Events, we have a huge selection of truss rentals for a variety of applications, and our motor and rigging selection is just as diverse.

Motor and Rigging Rentals for Live Events

Electric Chain Hoist Motors and Truss Rentals

Electric Chain Hoist Motors and Truss Rentals

Motors (also called electric chain hoists) for live events can be configured in a variety of ways. However, motors are always subject to the rigging diagram for a building or rooftop.  This diagram shows the rig points available for specific structure, ceiling or venue.  They also show the amount of weight that each rig point can hold.  At In Depth Events, we have years of experience working with rigging diagrams.  In fact, we create them for the load bearing rooftops that we own and provide rental services for.

When doing any kind of rigging, safety is the number one concern.  We work hard to make sure our rigging and motors are certified up to date and our spansets arrive with no rips or tears.  Our motor controls are state of the art and we make sure that our motor cable and feeder runs arrive in the right lengths for your specific show.

To maintain our high level of service, we do NOT offer box rentals on our motors and rigging.  However, we are happy to provide our riggers and stagehands along with our motors to make sure your rigging needs are taken care of appropriately!

Truss Rentals for live events

Image for Truss and Ballast

Truss and Ballast for Outdoor Applications

At In Depth Events, we have thousands of feet available for truss rentals in a variety of different sizes and applications.  From bolt together mini-beam, to fork end perimeter truss, to our one-of-a-kind truss ballasts, In Depth Events can handle all your trussing needs.

Although our truss is typically flown with motors, we also provide trussing for a variety of ground supported applications as well.  Truss gateways, box truss, or inverted U structures – our technicians have the skill to put together whatever types of structures you need for your live event.

We can provide box rentals for our trussing – however, we do require up to date insurance information for all rentals of this type.

Need more information?  Please Ask Us a Question to find out how we can assist you with your motor and trussing needs.  We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!