Chain Motors & Rigging Rentals Overview

In the entertainment industry, chain motors and rigging rentals are often one of the most important parts of the production. And yet, outside of the theatrical and entertainment industries, they are often unrecognized. While not as exciting as the latest projector or moving light, chain motors are literally the support the show is hung from.

Electric Chain Hoists, Theatrical and Entertainment Rigging Rentals

Image of Rigging from Large Rooftop

Chain Motors and Rigging from a 70×50 Rooftop Stage Rental

At In Depth Events, we are rigging professionals. We own the largest load bearing rooftop system in the South – our monster 70’x50’ rooftop – used for outdoor concerts and festivals like Wakarusa and other outdoor festivals with audiences in excess of 50,000 people. When we are working in indoor venues, we use motors flown from pre-set rig points or high steel for video, audio and lighting hangs. Some venues don’t have rig points available, so our experts bring in a load bearing indoor grid.

However, chain motors and rigging rentals are only one part of the puzzle. Trussing rental is next and In Depth Events has you covered. With a huge choice of 12”x12” box truss, 16”x16” box truss, and 30”x24” truss, you can be assured that your rental trussing needs are met. Of course, In Depth Events has a full selection of rigging steel, spansets, and shackles to handle the most challenging bridles, baskets and dead hangs.

The experts behind our truss and chain motor rentals

Of course, just owning the equipment doesn’t mean much. We have the technicians, engineers, and riggers to handle complex productions. This is where the staff at In Depth Events really shines. With our experience in load bearing structures, challenging hangs, and engineered structures, you can rest assured that our experts have your best interests in mind.

Trust the experts at In Depth Events to handle all your chain hoist rental and truss rental needs. Ask Us a Question and find out why we have one of the highest rates of repeat customers in the industry. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!