Indoor Grids

Indoor grid rentals are not used as frequently as some of our other structures.  However, they are very helpful in certain applications and can even be more cost effective than a flown rig in larger venues and stadiums.  On this page, we’ll explore where best to use an indoor ground supported grid.

Using Indoor Ground Supported Rental Grids in Stadiums

image of Indoor Ground Supported Grid

Indoor Ground Supported Grid

First of all, lets talk about the types of applications where a ground supported indoor grid rentals for lighting is more cost effective than other alternatives.  As an example, let’s say your show is a large, enclosed stadium, or possibly a smaller event space like an ice rink, a college gymnasium or a even a convention center.  In many cases, it’s possible to to fly motors and rigging from the ceiling of these spaces – and if you are hosting a huge act, then do so!  However, there’s no real reason to spend thousands of dollars on rigging charges for smaller acts or corporate events.

In these cases, it’s much cheaper and more time effective to bring in a ground supported indoor grid rentals structure.  These are similar to an outdoor rooftop, but do not have gables (for water runoff) or a rooftop skin.  They allow plenty of rigging points for video screens, lighting, banners, and audio without having to go all the way up to the high steel of the venue to fly your equipment.

Using ground supported indoor grid rentals in covered venues without rig points

Of course, there are many covered venues that do not allow fly points in their structural ceiling – either because there isn’t a place to fly from, or because the roof was never rated for additional weight.  These types of venues can include pole barns, expo centers and rodeo arenas.  Even venues specific to live events often do not have flown capabilities.  Sometimes we’ll run into venues that have exposed beams, but no diagrams or rigging layouts.  If a venue does NOT have a rigging diagram, or a rigging layout that has been certified by a structural engineer, then we will ONLY consider a ground supported grid.

In these cases, a ground supported grid is essential to the success of your event.  Having a structure to hang banners and backdrops, as well as contemporary audio and lighting, is the new normal.  Not having such a structure puts your event at the risk of looking cheap, or worse, outdated.

Trust the experts at In Depth Events to provide the structure needed to make your event a success!  Our indoor grids are second to none and our staff are a group of seasoned professionals that get the job done right – every time.  Ask Us a Question and let us know how we can assist you!