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We all know that your event attendees come to your sporting event to see the athletes. However, your athletes NEED to be seen and heard by your attendees! Add to the excitement by choosing the best possible vendor for your audio rentals,staging rentalslighting rentals, and rooftop rentals you need as well as video rentals. Our experienced team handles all set-up and makes sure everything goes to plan. You deserve an exceptional sporting event, and that’s precisely what we provide. 

At In Depth Events, we’ve provided sporting events rentals and production services for sporting events both indoors and out. We’ve handled motocross, wrestling, gymnastics, and kickboxing events, to name a few. For large scale events, check out our LED video wall support structures. Do you have a band performing at your event, or do you need a big stage with risers to present the winners their trophies on? Nobody beats In Depth Events when it comes to load-bearing rooftops and staging rentals! Don’t forget about video services. We offer high-quality video equipment rentals and cloud-based live streaming. We can even handle your promotional video with scripting, talent, editing, and more. 

What will you need?


Does your sporting event cover a large area? Look no further than In Depth Events for your audio rental needs! We’ve provided audio rentals for events covering dozens of acres. With large format line arrays, 70-volt system rentals, and wireless technologies, every attendee around your track will be able to hear announcements and loud and clear music. We are well known for offering creative solutions for unique spaces and outdoor events. Contact our team today to find the best solutions for you.

Finally, our sporting events rentals services also include grandstand seating risers, as well as staging. In Depth Events is truly your turnkey production provider. With seating riser rentals, audio rentals, lighting rentals, LED wall support structure rentals, and staging and rooftops, why would you select any other production vendor for your needs? Our experienced professionals are the best at what they do and will work with you to make sure your event goes off without a hitch. Although no event is ever the same, sporting events are in a class all their own and involve logistics that do not apply to a concert or festival. You can trust our team of professionals to understand your unique needs and provide the quality rentals and service you deserve. 

Ask Us a Question about how our experts can help you, and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Thanks for visiting our website – we look forward to hearing from you and working with you on your event!