Virtual High School Events

virtual high school event, online high school event

Live streaming and online high school event

Online High School events are taking over the traditional in-person experience. While distance learning and new procedures at school might have taken High School events from the bleachers to the computer screen, you can still boost morale and encourage your students to enjoy virtual events.

We also know some students are distance learning, while others are starting back in-person. This split can make video streaming challenging, but we have some smart strategies to help you navigate these challenges without any stress.

Can I broadcast High School sports online?

It might be hard to imagine High School sports online, but we promise that online High School broadcasting can take its place among in-person events if you do it right. There are two main options for hosting sporting events online;

Live broadcasting
Pre-recorded video

Each option has it's own pros and cons. For example, live broadcasts always leave the potential for technical mishaps or mistakes. However, the excitement of a live game is unmatched and equivalent to a High School Superbowl. If you go with this option, it's essential to have the right lighting, audio, video equipment, and knowledgable experts to keep things running smoothly. The professionals at In Depth Events have everything from audio, video equipment, and video production to help you NAIL your online high school sports broadcast.

You can also go the pre-recorded video route. Our experts can come out and film your event, produce the video, and help you set up a "live- stream" for your students and their parents. This option works great to avoid embarrassing mishaps during live recordings and leaves a more clean-cut video with school logos, music, and higher-quality production value. Pre-recorded videos also work great for behind the scenes sports videos, team practice, and prop videos to get everyone excited about an upcoming game.

Can I host online High School assemblies?

The short answer is YES! And assemblies will work much like sports events with both live-stream and pre-produced options. We can come out and film your school events and assemblies or help you live-stream them. We can also handle staging, audio, and video production. We know that social distancing leads to new restrictions and procedures, so our team can help you navigate these changes with ease. You can host hybrid events with some students in attendance that our live-streamed to students who are distance learning. The options are endless, so be sure to contact our team and find the right plan for your school.

What other online High School events can be live-streamed?

Any event can be live-streamed or pre-recorded. Do you have a special guest you want to record? Do you have school announcements or need help recording class instructional videos? Regardless of the needs, our team is here to help you make distance learning and video streaming successful. It can be a lot to navigate, but we have your back with over 25 years of experience and a full list of happy clients.

What's next?

Your next steps are pretty straightforward, reach out to our team for a no-cost consultation today! We can go over your options, help you plan out your events, and get everything in place and schedule.

We offer everything you will need for a successful virtual school year with video support, equipment rentals, staging, audio, and more. We can't wait to work with you.