Social Media Strategies

The game-changer for live events is here. And it’s social media content creation

It’s the marketing question of the Millennials – how do you engage an audience that rarely looks up from the screens of their mobile devices?  The answer: with targeted, interesting social media campaigns designed to engage your attendees.  Lots of companies promise these types of campaigns, but where our competitors fall short, In Depth Events delivers - and we even guarantee our work.

The first component of a successful social media strategy is organization.  Charting out specific objectives, costs and expected ROI is incredibly important to the success of your online campaigns.  Since our social media professionals are experts at using Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms, you will find our numbers for pre-show marketing, on-site promotion and post show wrap reels are on budget.

Our secret weapon is using video to promote our clients live events.  Using our in-house audio and video studios, In Depth Events creates pre-event promotions that get the attention of your intended audience.  Onsite, our mobile broadcasting sets provide real-time, streaming promotion of your event in indoor or outdoor event locations.  While our crews are on site, our strategists are in the office making sure your videos are being promoted across all social media platforms. After the event, we take your video assets and provide a post-event video that celebrates your success and sets the stage for promotions for next year.

What is the cost involved in social media promotion of my live event?

The first question we always get is about cost.  It’s a reasonable question – after all, who wants to spend $10,000 to only gain 10 ticket purchases?  While we can’t promise that people will get in their cars and go to your event, we can promise that we’ll put your event information in front of more people that ever before.

In Depth Events social media professionals provide video content of your event for online promotion.  Once the content is created, our social media experts work to promote your event through organic and paid channels.  Sites like Eventbrite and Facebook are great for organic, local promotion as well as local event sites.  Paid promotion happens on platforms like Google, YouTube and LinkedIn.

So – how much does it cost?  Of course, the answer varies for each type of event.  A better question might be: does your event staff have the ability to promote your event properly online?  Can they provide solid projections of what your ROI is going to be with your online campaigns?  The staff at In Depth Events can - and we even provide a guarantee.

Take a look at some of the videos we’ve done for our clients below.  And you can always Ask Us a Question.  We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!

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