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Super Bowl LI 2017 Image

Super Bowl LI 2017 A Production Company’s Retrospective

 Robert Chapman  


Super Bowl 2017, like any of the really large, international events, fills the host city with a dizzying array of private parties, AirBNB reservations and car rentals. For a week during February, 2017, all eyes were on Houston for the Patriots vs the Falcons national showdown (with Lady Gaga at halftime). Of course, lots of private events means an increased need for super bowl event production elements like staging, rooftops, lighting, and electrical rentals. As the marketing companies descended on Houston along with the attendees, the production crew got ready for a week’s worth of event services! It turned out to be a pretty hectic week! Traffic in a grid-locked Houston affected event times. Security was tight, which affected truck delivery schedules with constant X-Ray scans at high security venues. However, our warehouse staff in Houston made switching trucks and gear seamless. Our expert techs worked together to handle over a dozen client events through the week. All of the staff had the opportunity to work with client names like Comedy Central, DirectTV, MKTG and Nike – all in one weekend! We would like to thank our clients and vendors for making our portion of Super Bowl 2017 a huge success. We’ll have several other busy weekends in 2017 coming soon. After all, SXSW is fast approaching. And large holidays like Cinco de Mayo, Fourth of July and Fiestas Patrias will keep our staff hopping. We look forward to working with both new and existing clients this

Bad Weather Conditions and Live Events

Extreme Weather Conditions at Live Events

 Robert Chapman  

Outdoor events and activations are in a class by themselves.  In addition to the difficulties of production requirements, parking and crowd control, you also have to add fencing, porta-potties and the tempestuous moods of Mother Nature.  In this post, we’ll discuss how to plan for bad weather conditions at live events and the specific conditions that our technicians are trained to look for when determining whether or not to continue an event in bad weather.

Unpredictable weather and live events

Image of Safety During Bad Weather Conditions

Safety During Bad Weather Conditions is the Number One Priority for In Depth Events

In our home State of Texas, weather can be…  fickle.  It’s an old joke here that “If you don’t like the weather in Texas, just wait a minute and it will change.”  Of course, our touring and logistics groups handle activations and experiential events all over the nation.  We’ve been drowned in Denver, deluged in Duluth and snowed on in St Paul.  We’ve been hailed on in Helena, had sleet in San Antonio and tornadoes in…  well, you get the idea.  The point is we are very experienced with bad weather conditions at live events and how to make sure the equipment and your attendees are safe before, during and after bad weather strikes. As

Image of Event Production Plans and Rolls

How Engineer Certified Drawings for Events Can Make (or Break) Your Activation – An Event Planners Guide

 Robert Chapman  



Custom structures at your indoor or outdoor activation

Tower Base Drawings ImageIf you are an event marketing professional, then you have probably used a production company to build a custom structure for your client at an activation or trade show.  Custom structures built from truss or staging can be used as elevated seating for attendees or VIP’s, gateway arches or signage towers.  These structures can be huge show elements, massive custom stages or as small as a single piece of trussing.  However, they all have one thing in common – they are subject to inspection by a city official and will need engineer certified drawings for events of this kind. In an indoor activation, the person from the city is typically the Fire Marshall or a member of his or her staff.  In an outdoor activation, it will typically be a city building inspector.  However, this is not an absolute – either one can show up at either event type.  Both have the power to write very expensive compliance tickets to your end client, hold the doors closed until you comply with city regulations, or in extreme cases, close your event and escort all attendees out of the event space.

So what is an engineer certified drawing?Guy Wire Attachment Drawings Image

With any custom structure, the city can require an engineer certified drawings for events.  This is a CAD drawing of the structure to be

Image of Event Cinema

The Hills Are Alive…With the Sound of Live Event Cinema

 Robert Chapman  


Network studios are always looking to find ways to increase viewership among the masses and, more and more, they are turning to Event Cinema.  The Sound Of Music Live! starring Carrie Underwood recently aired on NBC as a live event production. For the first time in over 50 years, a musical was broadcast live on network television for American audiences.  Although the performance was met with mixed reviews, a total of 18.62 million viewers tuned in to watch the young country music starlet giving NBC its highest Thursday night entertainment program viewership since the series finale of Frasier in 2004.

Event cinema, sometimes called Alternative Content cinema or Livecasts, refer to the use of Cinema theatres to display a varied range of live and recorded entertainment excluding traditional films, such as sport, opera, musicals, ballet, music, one-off TV specials, current affairs, comedy and religious services.


But I don’t have the time or the money to attend a live event, you say?  Fear not, my little target consumer.  Event Production companies like In Depth Events will bring

Image of Live Event Visual Amplification

Fun Facts: A Brief History of Live Event Visual Amplification

 Robert Chapman  


Keeping it fun is an essential component of enhancing any live event.  Luckily, we here at Production Experience specialize in FUN. Throughout history, the experiential entertainment industry has come up with some truly off-the-wall production concepts and equipment that eventually led to the development of the gear we use today.  Always pushing the envelope to enhance the end experience,  how exactly did we get to where we are now?  We would like you to meet some of the GIANTS upon whose shoulders we stand on that allow us to support some of the most innovative marketing campaigns in the industry today. *fade to old time-y black and white footage and music*

Live Event Visual Amplification is the display of live and pre-recorded images as a part of a live stage event.

Visual amplification began when films, projected onto a stage, added characters or background information to a production. 35 mm motion picture projectors became available in 1910 – but which theatre or opera company first used a movie in a stage production is not known.

In 1935, less costly 16 mm film equipment allowed many other performance groups and school theaters to use motion pictures in productions.

*cue classic rock music*

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Image of Verizon FiOS-Fest

Experiences In Live Event Marketing:Verizon FIOS FEST!

 Robert Chapman  


FIOS FEST Rolls out across the US

As a live event marketing professional, I’ve been honored to be a part of some amazing live event marketing campaigns. When Verizon began to enable FIOS in the major US markets, I was selected to be a part the live event marketing group for one the largest fiber-optic roll outs of the new millennium. At the time, FIOS was a new entity, and our job was introducing it to folks that weren’t familiar with all it’s intricacies. This was a live event campaign across the country hitting all the major cities in states such as New York, Florida, Texas and California. We created a campaign that encompassed all key elements to execute a flawless marketing campaign. We named it FIOS FESTS. The following were elements that we implemented to ensure the best outcome possible for the client.

How we did it – by the numbers!

1. Pre-promote. Letting the local consumer base know where, when, what, and why in fun, creative ways to motivate consumers and drive interest for the live marketing event. For FIOS, we would set up in front of local businesses and speak to consumers one on one and offer fun incentives for their time. We also incorporated music by offering free music downloads from our site. For this campaign, pre-promotion was a key target for creating a great, well attended event. 2. Location. Finding a centralized location was another key factor in the overall execution of the

Live Event Marketing at Cowboys Stadium

Tips and Tricks for Stepping Up in the Live Event Marketing Game

 Robert Chapman  


In the business of live event marketing, the key is reaching the most people as effectively as possible. Live events continue to evolve each year, incorporating more and more social media elements along with keeping the things that worked in the past. How can you step up your event game and have the greatest impact on the consumer?

Size DOES matter in live events!

Footprint size and location of said footprint is a great place to start. Size does matter in this instance. If you can be outside you really get more visibility and foot traffic than an indoor space. Don’t be afraid to spend a little more on a larger sized section. The extra investment always pays off with increased overall numbers and interactions.

Impressions, Interactions and Interactives

Location goes hand in hand with your footprint. Where do you need to set up to give your team the best opportunity to make the most impressions? Normally, if you’re just going for impressions; you should secure a spot near one of the entrances or exits. However, if you need interactions this may backfire on you as consumers are usually rushing in or rushing out – making it more difficult to engage your key demographic. I would suggest somewhere in the thick of the event at a corner where there is plenty of foot traffic coming from all directions. The next element to step up your event game would be your interactives. Consumers love sweepstakes and an opportunity to win no

Image of Outdoor LED Dance Floor

Using an Outdoor LED Dance Floor Rental as a Centerpiece for Live Event Activations

 Robert Chapman  


Have you ever needed a central, focused location for an outdoor activation?  An area in the middle of your event that really brings attention to what is happening without worrying about distractions?  A bold, lit area that immediately draws your attendees to the area that you want focused on? Consider an outdoor LED Dance Floor rental for your event! One of our most recent events was an outdoor activation for a major shoe manufacturer.  This live, private event sent invitations to a state ranked football team for product giveaway and staged the event in an outdoor football field.  The event was held after dark with a party theme, DJ and lounge furniture.  However, a focus point was needed to draw attention to the middle of the activation at the right time. An outdoor LED Dance Floor turned out to be the perfect centerpiece of the event.  On cue, the dance floor lit up in bright white, highlighting the product, the players and the activation in an exciting and dynamic way.  The end client was very happy with the finished product and was very pleased that attention to their brand of shoes was presented in such a memorable way. And In Depth Events is one of a handful of companies across the United States that offers outdoor LED Dance Floors for rental. Hopefully this blog has been informative for our event planner clients! For more information on In Depth Events and our event production capabilities, please Ask Us a Question

Image of Outdoor LED Video Screens

Choosing a Production Company to Provide Outdoor Support for LED Video Screens

 Robert Chapman  


So, you’re sitting at home, relaxing, and suddenly the light you are sitting under begins to flicker on and off and the wonderful smell of burning insulation assaults your nostrils. What do you do? Find your handy wire cutters and start snipping away? Get a glass of water and put the fire out? Ignore it and walk outside to watch the house burn down? No! You call the experts and tell them to get there as quickly as possible, right? Now, ask yourself what happens when a client asks you to hang twenty tons of LED wall in an outdoor environment. Do you go to your garage and pull out the old movie screen Dad used to show the slides of family vacations? Or do you call the experts? At In Depth Events, we’re the experts for all types of production needs. One of the many things we have experience in is load bearing structures for concerts and festivals. We’ve taken that experience and equipment and made ourselves one of the premier experts in the United States for load bearing LED screen supports. Very few companies in the United States have the experience or equipment to hang an large format LED wall properly. Even fewer have the ability to hang them in an outdoor, free standing environment. However, that’s just what we do. Our experts can hang your screen in a variety of applications on a variety of surfaces. Our trucking and logistics team can get our structures anywhere in the

In Depth Events Logo

The Most Trusted Name in Sound, Stage, Lighting and Video Production Vendors

 Robert Chapman  


As a marketing or PR firm, the choice of the right live event production vendor for your live event can mean the difference between dizzying success or dismal failure. You need a company that can provide a safe, structurally sound stage and rooftop. A company that can provide the appropriate sound system for the venue. A company with experience in different types of lighting for different types of events. A company that knows how video can motivate an audience. And, hopefully, a company that can truck it all to your activation site, no matter what market your live event is in. If you are reading this and nodding your head, then you’ve found the right place. Our company, In Depth Events, is made up of experts at all of the above. Of course, anyone can SAY that, but how do you prove it? For us, it’s a simple matter of showing you our experience through the pictures of shows we’ve helped produce, a quick look at our repeat client base and the compliments of our past clients. Most importantly, however, is not our technical expertise. It’s the way we work with our clients. You’ll find that we speak your language and our friendly sales staff is almost physic when it comes to anticipating your needs. On site, our technical staff is willing to accommodate your client’s needs to an astounding degree. Our entire team is there to make your show look great, which makes you look great in the eyes

Nike and Game Seven Marketing Event

Nike and Game Seven Marketing at the Galleria Mall in Houston

 Robert Chapman  


Game Seven Marketing is one of the top sports marketing firms in the country. One of their clients is a major athletic shoe and clothing manufacturer. Once the NBA All Star Jam was announced in Houston, Game Seven needed a great production company – fast! The staff of In Depth Events was first on the list and responded by turning the ice rink in Houston’s Galleria Mall into a marketing feeding frenzy! For four days, sports and entertainment celebrities did live interviews on stage in from of hundreds of fans. The event needed staging, audio, lighting and video requirements for this marketing event, including a live IMAG feed on to a custom sized LED video wall. This event generated hundreds of favorable responses from attendees and more importantly, got the product into the hands of the consumer. Hopefully this blog has been informative for our event planner clients! For more information on In Depth Events and our event production capabilities, please Ask Us a Question today. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you on your event!

Stage and Rooftop with Full Production and CONFETTI STREAMERS

Liberman Broadcasting takes Pepsi Sponsorship to Next Level

 Robert Chapman  


Liberman Broadcasting has been a valued concert production client for several years. We’ve been pleased to handle full concert production services for bi-annual concerts in both the Dallas and Houston markets with attendance topping 20,000 people per event.

This was a wonderful added touch for my client and really brought the energy of the event to its peak. A great way to brand the product, giving the crowd a feeling of excitement by using the confetti to drive it home. Joanna Garland, Liberman Broadcasting

The Dallas team contacted us and let us know that they were wanting to do something special for Pepsi – a new title sponsor for the spring concert production event. Our team of experts listened carefully and, collaborating with Liberman staff, came up with two ideas that were utilized for the event. The first concept was a ‘Best Seat in the House’ riser – a covered VIP riser 20 feet off stage right behind the concert barricade, where lucky winners could watch the show up close (and receive Pepsi giveaways). However, the most visible addition to the show was a surprise to the sponsors!  We worked closely together with Liberman Broadcasting to orchestrate a confetti streamer blast over the crowd directly before the headlining act took the stage. The effect electrified the crowd, provided a perfect entry for the headlining act and delighted the Pepsi sponsorship team! Hopefully this blog has been informative for our event planner clients! For more information on In Depth Events and

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