About Glow Party Experts

“What Kind of Person Does This for a Living?”

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Glow Party Event Management – All the Expertise to Make Your Glow Party EPIC!

It’s amazing how often we are asked that! Glow Party Experts is an offshoot of our parent company, In Depth Events. We’ve been in business now for about 10 years. From a very humble beginning, we’ve grown into a series of companies that provides event production products all over the United States.

Glow Party Experts grew from two areas: our work in LED technology with our LED Dance Floor rentals, and our audio, lighting and staging services as In Depth Events. Mix the two, add some special effect, and you have the beginning of an amazing party. Add UV lighting – and you’ve got a Glow Party!

Full service, turn key Glow Parties from our experts!

To sum it all up, our experts take your ideas and turn them into eye-popping reality. With our background in production services, such as audio, lighting and electrical needs, we handle the technical aspects. Add special effects, talent and Glowing party giveaways – and watch our services staff shine. Our planners then step in and handle logistics like venue coordination, gear transport and engineer drawings. The end result is an amazing event that that will have your attendees giving you ‘glowing’ reviews!

At Glow Party Experts, we look forward to hearing from you and working with you on your Glow event.  Ask Us a Question and let us know how we can assist you with your EPIC Glow event!